Swiss Tanks QnA #3 Ask away

Good evening everyone, many things have happened over the last year, New Tanks got added, Italy is in the works and poland has already been announced as well. IT’s almost been a year since the last QnA on swiss vehicles and i thought that it could be time for a new one.

Here is the link to the latest version of my proposal which i am trying my best that WG will actually make a tree as close to my proposal as possible.

To get things out of the way, keep in mind that i am just acting as a historical consultant for WG, so i can not answer to questions that aren’t swiss TT related, in addition WG does not read this chat, so any ‘remove arty’ or ‘Fix the game first’ comments will ever be read nor answered.

That being said, ask away.

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Swiss Tanks QnA #3 Ask away

46 thoughts on “Swiss Tanks QnA #3 Ask away

  1. Tyrud says:

    With the introduction of novel mechanics like the Swedish pneumatic suspension and the Italian auto-reloader system, is there any novel game mechanic that the Swiss could introduce? Are their any tanks in the Swiss tree that can be added or modified to take advantage of the above mentioned mechanics?

      1. that’s a good idea, it would be interesting to be able to use both since WG is planning to add armored cars to the game, just like with the swedish «press a button to switch modes»

      2. Mizutayio says:

        Regarding the wheel-cum track mechanic ( that’s how it’s called), this won’t appear in the QnA so i’ll answer it here instead, if they really wanted that mechanic they’d have implemented with the Czech tier 1 tank which too had the ability to switch between wheels and tracks.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Shade01982 the Panzer IV hydro is a hydrostatic transmission, not a hydro pneumatic suspension like the Swedish tank destroyers. Other tanks that could make use of that feature could be the STB-1 (and type 74 should a tier 11 come) E-10 had a lowering suspension to hide better and help with recoil I believe (E-10 also was where The Hetzer name comes from, but just like how the M-50 and M-51 Shermans are called super Shermans by H.P Hunicutt, Hetzer got mixed up and placed on Jagdpanzer 38t instead. Asshats) MBT-70 And KPZ-70 too had this suspension type.

  2. ndiver says:

    What happened to the Panzer 68 Lamborghini and Panzer 58 MBX?
    What are the Chansard tanks (6, 23a, LT8, LT2, 9a & 11)?

    1. if I am not mistaken the Tier 10 MT Chansard 11 and the Tier 9 Turreted TD Chansard 23a are the mock-ups Volketen found a few years ago, although they were originally labelled as projects/concepts from MOWAG
      there was at least 1 more mockup that can be seen in the original photo (with the cannon in travel position, AKA gun “resting” in the travel lock) that could possibly be a SPG as well but is not included in the TT

  3. are there no other (smaller) gun caliber options for the light tanks of tiers 6 and 7? wouldn’t having a 90mm gun on tiers 6 and 7 LTs be too much in their eyes which could lead to a over-nerf of soft stats that would severely hurt their role as LTs?
    I understand you have already given it lower pen than it would probably have IRL, but would that be enough?
    at least I believe that a 90mm gun from the mid-late 1950’s should pen much more than 125mm, even if it was the first indigenous cannon of that caliber (or whatever), especially with surplus of american and italian 90mm, as well as german 88’s, available for purchase

  4. Infernal969 says:

    Great tree, I’m sure that WG will endeavor to convert half of it into overpriced premiums and make us grind the same tier 7 to get 3 different tier 8s.

  5. Whats up with that tier 9 spg? :p
    otherwise it looks like you’ve got a lot to work with there, how much of it do you think wg will put into the game and which one do you think they would introduce first?

  6. StevoMS says:

    Any tanks you are currently looking at who’s performance could use adjusting in the Swedish line? What about the overmatch mechanics that were going to be introduced in the same patch but were scraped, any plans to reintroduce this new system?

  7. Purecycle says:

    I just have 2 questions, What Is your greatest fear when It comes to how Wargaming will implement the Swiss into the game? Like what had happened to the Swedes when they got introduced into the game and the drama that had unfolded because of some certain decisions and design choices. And finally will you do an article on the “Chansards” you have proposed? They look very interesting, especially the TD’s you’ve proposed as well as the ones that got removed.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sure. Calling a Country a coward is not insulting at all and what you said about Poland…You dare to say that after what they went through?? Soviet and Nazi massacring the Polish that done nothing at all followed by the establishment of concentration camps followed by non negotionable encampment of the soviet union for another 50 years??? They have every right to be added into the game as a symbol of respect.

  8. Paxson says:

    after a short look, i think the tree is over a half just clones of other tanks. but maybe I am wrong.

    in my opinion, after polish and italians. there are enough tank trees in the game. no company would ve able to handle game balance.

    if it has to be more nations. please just 2-3 alliance trees. so that they put nations together instead of houndreds blueprints and copied tanks.

  9. Anonymous says:

    When Did you stop playing the game because offre the non-real tanks And all the blueprints ones that Nevers saw production… this game ils Not about the facts since almost the beginning.
    Okay some countries didn’t fight but they put some thinking into tank building event If they picked ideas from bigger Powers.. who doesnt do that huh?
    Think about the community that loves tanks , not for the facts but for the collection design and diversity this would ne a nice addition to the game.
    Btw i think every Country has some fucked up part in their history but it doesnt mean that they should be rejected for that.
    Anyway have a nice day! See you on the battlefield.

  10. Klarc says:

    -1st: when Did you quit the game because of all the tanks that passed the blueprint stage?
    -2nd : every Country has some fucked up parts in their history… Yes even yours
    -3rd: who doesn’t take ideas from bigger ans better Powers.
    -4th: Did you think of all the people that like the diversity this could add to the game and new content?
    -5th: it’s not because you copy parts of other tanks that you didn’t put the thinking Power behind that… The german tanks that were used in Switzerland lead to the pz68 which Isabelle unique.
    Finally i don’t think that the work of engineers should be rejected juste because of the pollitical acts at the time… Otherwise Not a lot of tanks would still be here in the biggest trees.

    Anyway have a nice day and see you on the battlefield !

  11. Backslash says:

    Since the Swiss added the siege mode mechanic, will it be possible to add that same mechanic to other vehicles in the game. an example being the tier 5 pz sfl tank destroyer. can it have a mode where it deploys and becomes an immobile gun platform to give it more versatility? also can we see a premium stug 3 in the tree as they were used later in the war?

  12. Killtech says:

    since WG has taken a linking to the idea of implementing new mechanics for new branches and after seeing the multi turreted monsters during helloween i wonder if the swiss have any old frankenstein-type tank proposals. or were they to sober to even consider such concepts?

  13. Hi.Im looking forward to play another nations line as Im not that fond of Russian tanks although they are over armoured and well angled their guns arent accurate.Itl be great to have a swiss line to play and Im looking forward towards the G13 td with an autoloader as mentioned earlier: Itl be great if the swiss tanks have decent armour and accurate guns.Are there any tanks in the swiss arsenal that are autoloaders or that makes them special cause Im quite excited about this line.I was looking at what WG suggested with the Italian tech tree and the armour is pathetic lol.Im gona load my matilda with apcr and see how far up the italian line I can pen it.

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