Swiss TD proposal reshuffle and SPG line

I’m back at it again. This time i’ll be covering at a small reshuffle of the TD proposal and the SPG line.

Again let me know what you think.


Some people in the last article mentioned that the TD line from tier 7 and up doesn’t make sense ( NK II -> MOWAG Skorpion –> MOWAG HM-13 Gepard)

That’s why i decided to slightly reshuffle the high tier TDs for them to make sense and also make them more playable. I only want to suggest tech trees to Wargaming which do make sense and are fun to play.

Tier 7: MOWAG Skorpion


This time the MOWAG Skorpion is going to be the bridge from the light tank line to the TD line as it’s only researchable mid-hightier turreted TD now.

Tier 7: Nahkampfkanone II B

This is still in the same spot as it always was.

Tier 8: MOWAG HM-3 Gepard


Downtiered, it would keep the 105mm L7.

Tier 9: Kanonenjagdpanzer Ruf


Kanonenjagdpanzer version designed by MOWAG engineer Walter Ruf. It’s more or less the same as tier 8, aside from the fact that it does have two drivers, one in the front and one in the rear. It had the intention to drive backwards just as fast as it could forwards. And while it was a designfor the 90mm Kanonenjagdpanzer, considering that this is from one of MOWAGs engineers, it’s safe to assume that this veihlce could also mount a 105mm L7 gun if it was ever built.

Tier 10: MOWAG Taifun


Same as yesterday.

Tier 8 premium TD: AMX 13 mit 10.5 cm Panzerkanone 61


Turned into a premium tier 8.

Also the Meili WT was removed



Tier 4: Nahkampfkanone I Ausf. 2


10.5cm Hb.35 L/42 SPG project on the NK I. While Ausf. 1 being the TD version with a closed gun encasement and the Ausf. 2 being the open topped artillery version. built in 1946. never entered mass production.


Tier 5: 10.5 cm Pzhb. auf G-13


After the war Switzerland planned to built a 10.5 cm SPG project on the chassis of the G-13. Most armor would have been removed in the process.


Tier 6: 10.5 cm Selbstfahrhaubitze AMX 13


Built in france, 4 prototype vehicles were bought for testing in 1959. Tests were discontinued in 1964 and the vehicles never saw mass production. This is a would be a turreted SPG.


Tier 7: 15cm Selbstfahrkanone Panzer 51


Similar to the French tier 6 SPG. This one on the chassis of the Panzer 51. Never built.


Tier 8: Panzerhaubitze 66


This first M109 SPGs for the swiss army in 1966. Later upgraded to Panzerhaubitze 66/74.


Tier 9: 15cm Haubitze 42/46 auf Panzer 58

Initial project of the Panzerkanone 68. The idea was to take a Panzer 58 chassis and moutn a 15cm Kanone 42/46 in a turret; never built. while no blueprints existed, it could have looked like a Panzerkanone 68 turret mounted on a Panzer 58 chassis with a shorter gun than the Panzerkanone 68.


Tier 10: Panzerkanone 68


SPG project from 1968/ 1969 on the chassis of a Panzer 68 ( earlier prototypes were on the Panzer 61 chassis.)


( I’ll try my best that WG won’t add it with an autoloader)


That was it with the conventional tanks, i won’t be making an article about the Premium tanks, however i will make one covering a possible wheeled vehicle branch.

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