Swiss Tech Tree Poll


Mizutayio who writes the Swiss articles for RSR has asked me to ask you the following:

Share around, would like to know the opinion from as much of you as possible.


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Swiss Tech Tree Poll

47 thoughts on “Swiss Tech Tree Poll

  1. Xavier says:

    Idk why we can’t get an Italian tech tree.
    Official reason: no high tier stuff.

    This is WG though, they can just do what they did for the German heavy lines…. Give unhistorical guns and fake armor

    1. Nya-chan Production says:

      “Give unhistorical guns and fake armor”

      Which then delayed them for about 3 – 6 months with looking for as many proper replacements and fixes as possible. Not again, please.

      1. Well they had the Mauschen and Mammunt but everyone just had a bitch and moan session about the armor being too good for the tier… Apparently that wasn’t a concern for the Japanese HT though

      2. Anonymous says:

        If u download the armor inspector app for ur phone u can still see all the stats and model for the vk100.01 as well as the tier 7 vk45.02b7 and many more.

      3. Xavier says:

        Not just talking about the Maus line…..
        Last I checked there was no possible way to fit the KwK 43 in a Tiger I turret….

  2. Absolutely, they have interesting tanks *stares longingly at Strv 103*
    There’s also obvious candidates to make a full tech tree with ease included, to the detest of many, an arty line… bring on the Arillerikanonvagn 151 and the Bandkanon 1 *sadistic smile intensifies*

    1. Shiva says:

      Swiss ain’t Swedes!
      Strv 103, Bandkanon1, Akv 151 are Swedish, not Swiss……
      Strv seems already coming to WoT. In the Swedish Tech Tree.

  3. Captain Dorja says:

    I haven’t played WoT in a while, almost 2 years, but Swiss tanks could almost be enough to bring me or for a come back tour.

  4. Tyrud says:

    As many new nations and tanks as they can find, please! Just, make sure they’re balanced and 3/4ths of them aren’t released as premiums prior to the actual trees being released 😛

  5. Wallu25 says:

    Any European tech tree that has unique or special tanks would be great. Swiss, Italian or Swedish tanks are much needed. As I play Armored Warfare aswell, I hope Wargaming would give us wheeled vehicles(td’s or scouts with autocannons).

  6. InvaderNat says:

    I’m kinda sick of them adding new tiers to the game. Whilst new tanks are nice, it makes many of the weekly missions harder because you now have to complete tasks with yet another nation.

  7. baileyhun says:

    I put neutral since why would Switzerland need tanks to defend there whole countries is one big defence bloody artillery in the mountains

  8. Definitely! There are plenty of cool viable Swiss tanks that don’t deserved to just be shoved in the German tree, and there are plenty of Italian tanks too – doesn’t matter if they don’t all reach tier X.

    1. Tarsis says:

      This is one reason. Another may be to teach my fellow countrymen that there is a difference between Swedish and Swiss. I Want to collect them all!

      1. huebi says:

        To be fair, nobody really needs a poll to know that people want more nations or tech trees in general. After 30k battles I completed 25 lines and have nothing interesting to grind anymore, so I am now playing on a fresh (standard) account to have “new” goals.

        A poll like this is as useful as poll like “do you want WG to fix bugs” or “do you want WG to balance arty”.

      2. Useless comment maybe. Harsh too. But might have some truth to it nonetheless.
        Not to mention that any chance of either a Swiss or Hungarian tech tree has pretty much been shut down by Wargaming themselves when they released tanks from both nations as German premiums. Neither of those tanks can play the “captured tank”-card that for example the PzKpfw B2 can. If there was ever even the slightest chance of standalone tech trees for those two nations, releasing those two premiums prematurely as German instead would be idiotic. And I have just enough faith in them to believe they wouldn’t mess up that bad.

  9. Terminus says:

    As long as they have at least 1 complete line, with the majority of them being original in-country designs, sure!

    I get some nations have some patches were tank development just was not a think (I’m looking at you Italy) But i would trade 7 original tanks for 2 clones/paper projects with at least some verifiable info. (BTW I don’t really count tier 1s because there mostly just copies of the Renault FT with a different coat of paint)

  10. Snyrren says:

    Oh, come on… As much as I love seeing the Swedish tree I still would want WG to focus on sorting out gameplay and MM issues (and nerfing arty!).
    I also would like to see more maps in the game before they add more tanks.

  11. AMX says:

    Well, on the one hand I want the vehicles in the game, and putting them in any of the existing trees would be wrong.

    On the other hand, I’m getting increasingly annoyed at the whole concept of nation-specific trees.
    It feels more and more like a gimmick to make us waste gold on crew training (can’t retrain experienced crews to vehicles from a different country), premium tanks (as crew trainers, see above), barracks beds, etc.

  12. pixywing says:

    Seems dumb to add a tech tree instead of fixing tech trees that are irrelevant. WOT may have more lines than AW, but definitely lacks in quality with the multitude of clones and unplayable lines *cough Foch.

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