Swiss Tech tree Q&A #2 Ask the questions.

Since so many questions have come up during the last week where i showed off the potential medium, heavy, TD and SPG line i decided to go for another QnA for Switzerland.

So instead of me gathering all the questions on the multiple articles i want to collect them here and release them next sunday.

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Swiss Tech tree Q&A #2 Ask the questions.

24 thoughts on “Swiss Tech tree Q&A #2 Ask the questions.

  1. PanzerKempBoosh says:

    since the “german” tier 8 premium medium tank, Panzer 58 Mutz is technically swiss, any chance we’ll be seeing a regular version in the swiss tech tree? (maybe the one with the 20 pdr gun?)

  2. ndiver says:

    As i had several questions on the previous posts and you recommended me to post them here, here we are:

    1) You said the Laupen 30t is basically the first design of the KW30 ? Do you mean that it should be considered ingame as element of the KW30, like the suspension giving Laupen 30t –> KW30 ? (same for the turret)
    2) would it be possible to have the Laupen 16t as a medium, and the Laupen 14t as a high tier light tank (an equivalent to the LTTB or M41 Bulldog) ? Or the opposite ?
    3) would you consider in a tree an interbranch link like G-13 -> Laupen 16t?
    4) would you make the secondary branches starting from the tier 8 or from the tier 9?
    5) Any idea of the Panzer 68 Lamborghini is related to the NkPz? (the hull look relatively similar)

    1) i’ve been surprised when i saw the first blueprints and 3D models of the differences in term of frontal shape for the turrets of the VFZ 69 between the blueprints and wood models. Any hints why? Bad mockup? I find also interesting to see that the VFZ 69 turrets reminds me the Soviet / Chinese turrets in overall design.
    2) no relationship at all between the KW30 / Panzer 58 and Indien Panzer ? Pure convergence in term of design?

    1) is the 15cm Haubitze 42/46 auf Panzer 58 the same as the Panzerkanone 61?
    2) Is the Panzerkanone 61 really a SPG (the famous ‘earlier prototypes were on the Panzer 61 chassis’) or just a misunderstanding concerning a gun?
    3) No Panzerhaubitze 66/74 as second tier 10 SPG in your tree?

    1) Is the H+W 15t related to the Laupen tanks?

    Best regards and thanks for the answers you might give to all these questions 🙂

  3. anodjl says:

    Hello i am french and i use google trad to speak here.


    1- For the artys, you put the 10,5 cm Selbstfahrhaubitze AMX 13 in Tier VI
    And the 15cm Selbstfahrkanone Panzer 51 in Tier VII
    It is possible to exchange the places of these two artys in the third parties?

    I explain, the 15cm Selbstfahrkanone Panzer 51 is clearly very close in terms of design of the French arty AMX-13 F3 AM
    One can easily see it by putting pictures of these 2 artys side by side,…rint_001-4ec8393.jpg
    It’s pretty obvious, they have the same base, the AMX-13 / Panzer 51,
    The barrel is mounted in the same way and they are almost of the same caliber
    By following WG’s way of doing things, there would not be enough differences to justify his presence in Tier VII,

    In addition, exchanging places between the two would allow to leave a coherence of the evolution of the arty branch,
    It would be a branch of arty a turret until the tier VI with the 15cm Selbstfahrkanone Panzer 51 in tier VI and would pass to artys a turret with the 10,5 cm Selbstfahrhaubitze AMX 13 in tier VII until the tier X,

    When to the worry of the Selbstfahrhaubitze AMX 13 which would not be strong enough in Tier VII with just a 105 mm gun, it has all the same a turret, a huge advantage for an arty, on WOT it could behave sum the English Birch gun Which is nothing better than a 76.2 mm HE in tier IV,

    2- I read that there would be a Kanonenjagpanzer HS-30, a TD version of the HS-30 with its barrel mounted in the Hull…man_army-4e76b4b.jpg
    Is it true?
    If so, can it be used on WOT?

    3- Can you make an article about premium tanks?
    Wargaming is above all a company, and it is a part of its money on premiums,
    can you make an article to talk about the tanks you prefer to see in premium?
    Rather than let WG do and risk a crappy stuff …

    Merci d’avance!

      1. anodjl says:

        Ok there are other links:
        Here is the plan of the 15cm Selbstfahrkanone Panzer 51,
        And compared to the AMX-13 F3 AM
        Here is an image with the same position as the 15cm Selbstfahrkanone Panzer 51,
        Just see the 2 pictures side by side to see that they are very similar

        And here is the presumed image of the Kanonenjagdpanzer HS-30:

  4. VladCelTroll says:

    A Swiss tech tree is possible, but how unique would it be? Would Swiss tanks play similarly to German or Swedish tanks? The Swiss seem to promote high firepower but, when it comes to the armor, it’s pretty lackluster on some designs.
    Besides that, just for curiosity, will they speak Hochschweizdeutsch or simply Schweizdeutsch? Swiss German differs quite a lot from the normal German, so it would be a shame to not have Swiss crews use their own national dialect.
    Also, are there any Austrian tanks that could be fitted into the Swiss tree?

  5. 1.) I see there are a lot of unique Swiss tanks that could be implemented. Is WG likely to add a Swiss tree in your eyes? Would an Italian tree or Polish tree still have priority over the Swiss even though neither of those nations can really even make a single unique line?

  6. PUNISHER989 says:

    Well I have a Question. (One for now)
    Will they bring a Swiss Premium out before the Swiss tech tree. That being asked, what tank would be a worthy premium to give a taste of whats to come?

    1. ndiver says:

      Because the Italian tree has lot of unique low tier tanks but terribly lacks of unique hier tiers that are not clones or directly derived of German / American tanks (top tiers would be Panther, Pershing, and derived from M47 Patton and the Leopard with autoloader IS-3A-like), contrary to the Swiss tree that has clones / derived only in the first tiers.

  7. Hyperion says:

    How can you get Wargaming to listen to this proposal? In my opinion, the trees seem to be structured well, and I feel there would be sufficient interest from the player base towards Swiss tanks. What is the next step? Perhaps to contact Wargaming? If they rebuff you, the interest shown on this website alone should be reason enough for them to even consider this tech tree as a possibility.

    As in the past, tanks of a certain nation (to be introduced) have existed in other tech trees (usually as captured or lend-lease tanks) ( i.e. the Matilda IV in the Russian tree and the German H35). Now, we have the Panzer 58 Mutz in the German tree; is this a justification for a Swiss tree?

    In addition, will this tree have its own Panzer 58 option?

    PS I think the Panzer 61 and 68 will be excellent candidates for Tier 9 and 10 medium tanks, respectively.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why would someone need the Swiss Tanks when they never participated in a War so they never were in usage?

    1. anodjl says:

      It’s the same for suede and it’s not a problem
      It’s the tanks that interest us on WOT,
      not what they served

  9. CillianLive says:

    With the Swedish tech tree recieving tank destroyers, lights, mediums and heavys but no artillery what is the chance of seeing a Swiss arty line?

    Is there any tank destroyer that can fit the tier 2 slot in your proposal?

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