Swiss Tech Tree QnA #3

Thanks to everyone for asking so many Questions. I am glad that so many people still seem interested in this tree. But before that i’ll use this opportunity to announce that Milkym4n has released a new Remodel for the VK 30.01 P to look like the Laupen 16t medium tank based on the G-13. More detailed info on them can be found in my Laupen article i wrote for Tanks Encyclopedia

Here are the answers to your questions.


-With the introduction of novel mechanics like the Swedish pneumatic suspension and the Italian auto-reloader system, is there any novel game mechanic that the Swiss could introduce? Are their any tanks in the Swiss tree that can be added or modified to take advantage of the above mentioned mechanics?

From my point of view, Switzerland would be a pretty normal nation without any new mechanics. Not saying that it wouldn’t make use of already existing mechanics like autoloader/ autoreloader and siege mode. Take the tier 5 G-13 in my proposal, while in real life it used the 7.5 cm Pak. 48, my proposal actually shows a 7.5 cm Pak. 51 as its top gun, it was an actual suggestion by the swiss military to equip the G-13 tank destroyer in swiss service with the guns used on the AMX 13 light tanks. So the ingame G-13 should be able to take advantage of either the autoloader or autoreloader mechanic. While other tanks like the Panzer 74 could make use of either autoloader or autoreloader as well as the siege mode.

-What happened to the Panzer 68 Lamborghini and Panzer 58 MBX?

I felt uncomfortable about them, i have actually cleaned up the whole proposal a lot to get rid of to many paper projects, there still are a few in the tree, but the remaining paper tanks are more or less necessary to make the line work

Panzer 68 lamborghini
Panzer 68 Lamborghini


-What are the Chansard tanks (6, 23a, LT8, LT2, 9a & 11)?

The best way to describe them is: The swiss version of UDES, just a lot of designs for a new MBT for the swiss army, there are many more designs but the Chansards that i picked for the Tree atm are the Turreted TDs ( Chansard 6, Chansard 23a and Chansard LT8 ) as well as the Autoloading Medium branch ( Chansard LT2, Chansard 9a and Chansard 11 )

-If I am not mistaken the Tier 10 MT Chansard 11 and the Tier 9 Turreted TD Chansard 23a are the mock-ups Vollketten found a few years ago, although they were originally labelled as projects/concepts from MOWAG

You would be correct, they are indeed. As you may guess, we’ve found out a lot since Vollketten did his post back in the day. Among which was the fact that the allegedly MOWAG prototypes belonged to the Chansard development program mentioned above.


– Is the Swiss tree even being considered to be added to the game?

I have already been approached by WG to share some documents with them. So yeah, it’s basically coming, the question is just when they will come, do not count on seeing them for at least a year, my guess is by the end of 2019/ beginning 2020, but only time will tell.


Tier 9 arty still looks the best!

Truly magnificent, isn’t it? ( We’re still lacking a more detailed image, just imagine a Panzer 58 chassis with the turret of the tier 10 Swiss SPG) 


-Which of the lines would you expect to be introduced first as i don’t see WG adding all of them at once?

Most likely the MT branch as they do contain the most iconic swiss tanks.


-Are there no other (smaller) gun caliber options for the light tanks of tiers 6 and 7? wouldn’t having a 90mm gun on tiers 6 and 7 LTs be too much in their eyes which could lead to a over-nerf of soft stats that would severely hurt their role as LTs?

I don’t really think that them having a 90mm gun would be an issue, Tier 6 alone would have really bad gun depression to begin with due to the turret shape and location of the gun. and it would have none towards the rear, tier 7 on the other hand has quite a few tanks with good damaging guns like the SP I C and WZ-131 as well as various autoloaders like the french and american lights. And regarding the pen numbers, they’re mostly made up anyway so that’s none of my concern. If the swedish tech tree fiasco has told me anything then to not focus to much on historical specs.

90mm armed HS-30-1 light tank


-Great tree, I’m sure that WG will endeavor to convert half of it into overpriced premiums and make us grind the same tier 7 to get 3 different tier 8s.

If you only had seen my old tree suggestion where one tier 8 lead into three tier 9s

Also i have made sure that i have suggested enough premium tanks so that WG doesn’t feel the need to convert half of the tech tree to premiums.

-Just how competitive could the Swiss tanks be without being OP?

Well the mediums would be pretty average. in terms of armor and speed and they did have 10° of gun depression so i’d say the meds could be competitive in a way.

TDs would be stealthy, quick and had no armor so while they would shine on some maps, on other maps they’d be at a disadvantage.

HTs would be hard to tell as there is nothing really similar to them in the game yet.

as for light tanks, they would play out similar to the german lights.

And SPGs are SPGs and i doubt i’ll have to rate their competitiveness.


-I just have 2 questions, What Is your greatest fear when It comes to how Wargaming will implement the Swiss into the game?

Frankly i’ve learned to just deal with whatever they come up with. Though i am struggling to see how WG could possibly mess up the med line. I could see them breaking the TDs and HTs, but as i said, i’ll be able to deal with it. Doesn’t say there won’t be a rant coming if they do mess up.


-And secondly will you do an article on the “Chansards” you have proposed? They look very interesting, especially the TD’s you’ve proposed as well as the ones that got removed.

Chansards is quite a big development program and i’ve only looked into them slightly.

Admittedly i’ve currently given them the Progetto treatment and guessed the modules like engine and radio and the armor values but the guns are actually the ones they would have used, as was their crew loadout and weight. But once i find more in depth information i’ll update the tree and probably write and article on them.

-Are there any French tanks that could be added as premiums?

There are already some french or french based premiums in the tree. One is the tier 6 Panzer 51 with a worse engine than the stock  AMX 13 75, see it as a slightly worse AMX 12t as the 12t has, even with the stock engine, a better HP/ton ratio. Then there is the tier 8 Panzer 51/61 which is a Panzer 51 chassis with the gun of the Panzer 61 mounted on top which itself is a slightly modified RO L7 gun. Reason for having that tank as a tier 8 TD instead of a tier 10 LT as some suggest is easy, for one the Panzer 51/61 doesn’t have a turret the way normal light tanks have them and more of a gun platform like the Waffenträgers have them, also the power to weight ratio would be way to bad for a tier 10 light, it would just get wrecked.

Another tank that could be added potentially are interned Renault R35s that were then later returned to france.

-After a short look, i think the tree is over a half just clones of other tanks. but maybe I am wrong.

The only tanks that could be considered clones would be the lower tiered tanks as tier 4 and up for the most part were all indigenous ideas. Sure there’s the G-13 but as mentioned above there was an interesting gun choice planned that would make it play very differently to the Hetzer and even the tier 2 Panzer 34/35 had official Military documents suggesting to mount a 4.7 cm infantry gun in the turret.

Same with the Panzer 39, both stock and fully upgraded it would get indigenous turrets and guns.

So there isn’t really any clone, maybe they do play similar to existing tanks, but they’re not straight up clones.


-In my opinion, after polish and italians. there are enough tank trees in the game. no company would be able to handle game balance.

I can’t change the way you feel about WG adding new nations, but i’m sure that most people who play the game don’t mind new content, it’s what keeps the game refreshing and alive, even with the bs that’s currently going on in the game.

-Did you find any new tanks in the archives, but did not add them to the tree?

My work has been preventing me from going to the archives again. though i do plan to go again this summer, there are some documents on Caernarvon, Conqueror and M-103 that i’m interested in as well as some more Panzer 58 documents that could help WG to add a more historical armor layout to the Panzer 58, currently the armor that the Panzer 58 has in game at the moment is way to weak.


-Why should we want Swiss tanks?

Why would we not want more tanks in World of Tanks?


-Hi, I’m looking forward to play another nations line as I’m not that fond of Russian tanks although they are over armoured and well angled, their guns aren’t accurate. It’ll be great to have a swiss line to play and I’m looking forward towards the G13 td with an autoloader as mentioned earlier:

That’s nice to hear, sadly there are people who reject a swiss tree over one reason or another, but i’m still confident that most people are looking forward to new tanks to play. Andthe mediums are very similar to existing NATO type tanks but branches like the TD line and HT line could offer some new gameplay.

G13 wit the 7.5cm Pak. 51 gun


-It’ll be great if the swiss tanks have decent armour and accurate guns. Are there any tanks in the swiss arsenal that are autoloaders or that makes them special cause? I’m quite excited about this line.

Tanks that could make use of the Autoloader or Autoreloader ( i still prefer the term Ready Rack) are the tanks with autocannons which would be the Tier 3 TD, the Pz. K-41, Tier 3 LT, the Panzer 39 Tier 4 LT the Panzer 39L. But for the larger caliber guns we’d have the G-13, Panzer 74 and the Chansard MT line splitting off from the KW 30/52.

Swiss tanks also had decent armor, maybe not so much at the low tiers, but tier 5 and up the Medium tanks/ heavy tank branch would get some armor. An exemple would be the tier 5 Panzerkanone I and II which to be honest, are in a similar case to the progettos as we know that the army considered to mount a turret on the Chassis of the NK I and NK II, and they have even designed the turret that would be mounted on the vehicles, but we don’t know how exactly how they would have looked like, but these vehicles would have really good turret armor as the nominal thickness would be 70-75mm and in the front you’d additionally have a gun mantle. the PzK II would also have around 70mm or armor all around as the NK II had that kind of armor as well.

Panzerkanone 1
Different possible conversions for the Panzerkanone I. 3 different possible hull variants, and 2 different possible side skirt variants.


-Where is the tree of wheeled vehicles gone? In my opinion, Rdpz Meili is unique vehicle and very good tier 10.

It’s technically still on the Webpage with the proposal, it’s just hidden away as there is no wheeled tree announced by WG, just because they’ve tested them doesn’t mean that they’re actually implement then. So it’s hidden for the time being and as soon as they actually announce wheeled vehicles i’ll work on them again. Also the RdPz Meili is a weird vehicle, but as i said, once Wheeled vehicles get announced officially, then i’ll invest time in more research.

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Swiss Tech Tree QnA #3

8 thoughts on “Swiss Tech Tree QnA #3

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Didn’t expect to get an answer to my snarky jab at WG’s pathetic cashgrab policies. I still can’t look at the way the French tree is now.

    More tanks are always nice as long as they are balanced, but at this rate I’m worried that this game will be completely unplayable by the time they arrive.

  2. Dreadnought1906 says:

    As someone who served in the Swiss army in tanks (Pz68/88 and Leopard 2), I would love to see a Swiss line in there.

    I suppose the /88 gun upgrade to the Pz68 would probably make the tank overpowered, but if WG really wanted to make the Pz68 realistic they will make it catch fire at random times on occasion, LOL

    (for those who don’t know the Pz68 had a serious electrical system flaw that caused quite a scandal at the time)

    1. Mizutayio says:

      Well the main reason why we wouldn’t see the Panzer 61/88 or even Panzer 68/75 is that they’re to new to be impletmented.

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