Swiss Wheeled vehicles branch proposal 2.0

Author: Mizutayio

Since the French wheeled vehicles have been in the game for about a month now, I’ve decided to take a look at the swiss wheeled light tank branch and while I already made a post on them a while ago, I have made many changes to said line and the whole tree for that matter.

For now I’ll be talking about my idea of a swiss wheeled vehicle branch, how it would look and what it could bring to the game.

First of all we could talk about the overall gameplay that we could expect from these vehicles. While they would all be 4×4 except for the tier 10 vehicle, which would be 6×6. So a switch system would not work. It would only be one speed and one mode of agility. So alternatively while looking at the vehicles I had chosen I’ve noticed an interesting feature the tier 8-10 candidates have: they could all swim. While there certainly are vehicles in the game that could swim on their own (without many preparations like the Strv 103 or the Sherman for example) the Swiss wheeled lights would be a great way to introduce such a mechanic. And while it would be very situational and could not be used on every map, it could certainly give them the ability to escape from places other vehicles can’t, like the bodies of water at the Abbey map, the ability to flank a lot easier on the southern end, or even get a short-cut through the water in the middle of Malinovka. They could even get a better passability through water, so they barely slow down  those maps with some water. But this is all just an idea and it’s unlikely we’ll see that at all, they could just end up being normal vehicles without any fancy gimmick.


As for the vehicles, the branch could be tier 5 to 10 with imported vehicles with some Swiss modifications at tier 5 and 6 and tier 7-10 being vehicles from the famous company MOWAG. The tier 9 and 10 in particular will be rather iconic.


Tier 5:

Radpanzer Staghound ( RdPz Staghound)

The Swiss government decided in May 1951 to buy 64 Staghounds of which one vehicle has been modified in January of 1954 to mount a Swiss 4.7cm gun which would be rather low penetration and low damage, but since the vehicle had a 89km/h top speed it seemed fair to me.



Another vehicle was modified to mount a 20mm HS. 820 gun, when said modification was made is not known though.


Tier 6: Radpanzer Staghound mit 9 cm Kanone (Staghound 90)

Not much known except that it was an attempt to upgun the Staghound with a low power 90 mm gun and most likely with a new turret. No drawing exists but there’s a written mention in the documents I’ve found.

Staghound 90
Rough edit on how Staghound 90 could have looked like; Do not take this for granted

Tier 7: MOWAG 9 cm Mot. Pak.

Built in 1959, this vehicle was part of an attempt by MOWAG to build a modular chassis, other than this wheeled tank, there was also an APC version and a version with a twin 80mm rocket launcher. Designed to have a top speed of 76 km/h it would be the slowest vehicle in the branch but it would have a good hp/ton ratio as it was rather light. combined with a good gun for its tier and class would make this a solid vehicle.


Tier 8: MOWAG Wotan

Initially built for West-Germany in 1963, while it was mainly an APC, it’s MR 8-23 modification featured a 90mm gun. The Wotan has a 80 km/h top speed with a very high power to weight ratio. It also was amphibious and its top speed in the water was 12 km/h.

Like Staghound 90, this is merely a guess of how it could look like, saldy there is no known image of how it actually looked like.

Tier 9: Piranha PT

Piranha PT was a Piranha I with a 4×4 layout, built in 1972. It was modular and thus could mount anything, I’ve taken the liberty to give it a 90mm gun so it can fit at tier 9 just nicely.

The top speed is 100 km/h and the top speed in water is 10 km/h (of course this could be buffed for gameplay reasons)

Piranha 1 APC, due to the modular nature of MOWAG vehicles, mounting a turret with a 90mm gun is no problem. Both conventional or oscalating turrets would be possile.

Tier 10: Piranha I 6×6

Tier 10 will be the iconic Piranha, built in 1974 this vehicle’s family survives to this day and is already in the fifth generation.

The Piranha I 6×6, much like the tier 9 was modular and thus could mount anything. So for the game it could mount a 105mm gun with a top speed of 100 km/h and 10 km/h in the water (could be buffed for gameplay).

Piranha I 6×6 TOW variant, just like tier 9, the modular nature of these vehicles allow for the freedom of choice.
MOWAG Shark ( can’t be added as it’s to new) with conventional turret and 105 mm Rheinmetall gun, Piranha I 6×6 could use a turret like this one, just without the Rhm gun as it was smooth bore.
MOWAG Shark with FL-12 turret and a 105mm gun, this is the second turret option for the tier 10, with an autoloading 105.

As for Premiums: an idea is it to have a Piranha IB 4×4 at tier 8 with a Fl-10 turret with a 75mm gun like on the French tier 8 premium.


Here’s a link to the current version of my Tree proposal, wheeled vehicles will be added shortly.

If you want me to cover the entire tree again, let me know below and with what line you want me to start, or if I should just do the whole tree in one big article. I’ve made multiple changes which makes the line a lot better.


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Swiss Wheeled vehicles branch proposal 2.0

13 thoughts on “Swiss Wheeled vehicles branch proposal 2.0

    1. Mizutayio says:

      It ended up being a lot more complicated than i wanted it to be, so this as a classical: “fuck it” moment and went with the inverted pic.

  1. about the Piranha options, were there any “universal” turrets the Swiss Army tested that would be obvious choices?

    there are a few companies that made such type of turrets, the most common are probably the ones mounting 90mm guns (Cockjerill, DEFA, etc…)

    as an example we have Brazil who used such types of turrets for their X1A (vastly upgraded M3 Stuart) and EE-9 Cascavel (based on the Greyhound), knowing those kinds of examples exist made me wonder if they had tested some of those in Switzerland, or even designed their own “universal” turret

    P.S: just an idea to make less “random”

      1. Toodlepip says:

        I side with Bartel Cubbage. These wheeled tanks have been a crap idea. I hope Wargaming will not put any further wheeled tanks into the game.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It would be hilarious to put wheeled vehicles that can go under water like these swiss tanks,that would change game meta 100%.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not a fan of the wheeled vehicles in the game, but thanks again for the awesome article and the amount of research and thought put into it.

    On a side note – any chance of WG actually giving a damn about your Swiss tech tree proposal? Huge fan of it tbh.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Splitt them from the game and built WoRT (World of Rad-Tanks or World of Rally-Tanks) I´m not interested in these class of vehicles…

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is suppose to be “World of Tanks,” not “World of Wheeled Vehicles!”

    The current wheeled vehicles has already changed the game play, so please DO NOT create more.

    Wargaming do something that the community wants for once, and enlarge the maps that are too small (which are many of the existing maps), and bring back our old maps we enjoyed so much, without modifying them, and wrecking them. Thank you.

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