Swiss Wheeled vehicles

Since wheeled vehicles have more or less been confirmed in one of the lasted WG Q&As, i decided to put together as good of a wheeled vehicle branch together as i can.

Also since some of you wanted to see an article on swiss premium vehicles: I’ll try to get that one out by the weekend. And for those that are wondering where part 2 of the swedish Q&A is, it is coming in the next couple of weeks, there have been some issues on SP15s side.


Anyway, on with the vehicles.


Tier 3: 34M Rdfz K-41

Alternative project to the Tier 3 TD while it doesn’t have a turret as you’d expect, it certainly would be a good candidate and probably the only possible lowtier wheeled vehicle there is.

Also i try to not use the word “Armored Car” on this one as that thing probably has the same armor as the M56.

Tier 4: Radpanzer Staghound

While the base vehicle is the exact same as the normal Staghound, it’s armament is completely indigenous as it only used a 20mm autocannon 5 vehicles were upgunned to a 47mm gun.


Tier 5: MOWAG 7.5cm Radpanzer


Little is known about this vehicle. All i know is that it was meant to mount a 7.5cm gun and would have no gun depression at all. ( Unless WG buffs it historically, which they would likely do knowing them)


Tier 6: Radpanzer Staghound 90

Imagine a bigger turret and a way bigger gun

Aside from the 5 vehicles that have been upgunned with a 47mm gun, this vehicle has at the very least been planned with a 90mm gun and a new turret.


Tier 7: MOWAG Wotan

This is merely the hull. Image by David Bocquelet

Designed in Switzerland for West Germany. It would fit in either the german tree or the Swiss tree for that reason. However i am almost certain that Germany itself has more than enough vehicles for it’s tree. Most Wotans were APCs and had autocannons at best, there were also Wotans using Mortars and most importantly, a low pressure 90mm gun.


Tier 8: MOWAG Radpanzer Pak. 55

Similar to the tier 5, this one however would have depression and a 9 cm Pak. 55 gun.

It’s top speed was 76.2 km/h and would have 18mm or armor at most at the front.


Tier 9 MOWAG 4×4

Probably the best looking armored vehicle in the tree. Using a conventional turret and a 90mm Mecar gun (can be upgraded for the gameplay). It had a top speed of 76 km/h and a better HP/ ton ratio of it’s predecessor at tier 8.


Tier 10: Radpanzer Meili


As i removed it from the TD line i decided to put the original vehicle in here ( there are multiple chassis types available, so any could be chosen, the gun however is given being a 105mm gun on a semi open turret.

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Swiss Wheeled vehicles

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  1. anodjl says:

    It’s still nice to have done the research,
    But there will be no armored wheels on WOT,

    It is necessary to have a physics of displacement of their own,
    And a sufficient firepower, which no longer holds in the top thirds,
    More maps are not made for armored vehicles on wheels

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