T-100 LT Stats and Screenshots

Good day everyone,

Some screenshots and stats for the recently announced Tier 10 Soviet light tank: T-100

Object 975 / T-100

Tier: 10

Hitpoints: 1500

Engine: 300 hp

Weight: 15 000

Power-to-weight: 20.00 hp/t

Maximum speed: 72/25 km/h

Hull traverse: 56 deg/s

Turret traverse: 55.3 deg/s

Terrain Resistance: 0.959/ 1.247/ 1.822

Viewrange: 420m

Radio range: 850

Hull armor: 120/40/?

Turret armor: 180/40/?

Gun: 100 mm T-100

Damage: 320/320/420

Penetration: 230/248/50mm

DPM: 2563.6

ROF: 8.011

Reload: 7.49s

Accuracy: 0.422

Aim Time: 1.92s


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T-100 LT Stats and Screenshots

28 thoughts on “T-100 LT Stats and Screenshots

  1. Nevermind says:

    Nope no Russian favoritism here folks just move along… I would like to see the camo ratting for the posted tanks. This thing has got to be off its guts!

      1. Just Call Me Zo says:

        Have any other pictures you wanna post or are you incessantly posting this one around for no reason in particular?

      2. whitebaron777 says:

        Lol hardly. From personal experience, the ru251 is so much better for random battles than the t54ltwt it’s not even funny. The situation may be different in the competitive scene, but that’s because in competitive specific attributes of the thank are more important that versatility

  2. Vlad Pomar says:

    Looks awesome AF, but not much of a scout. The German one is better at scouting in every way possible, this one looks like a 4th Soviet tier 10 MT.

  3. neil dorling says:

    wg tell us they are rebalanceing the game then they plan to bring this out which will make tier 10 med and most heavy’s redundant when will they learn

    1. Yeah make meds and heavy useless right…
      Because less armour, dpm, alpha, pen all mean it’s too op. They are like 2 or 3 maps in the game that they will dominate on. So what…I’m sick of fucking lemming tomato idiots being spoofed in their heavy tanks with all the bullshit corridor maps.
      For once can we have maps and game design that allows scouts to be useful…and not every whining moron to bitch about it..

      1. Please continue. Please list all maps that lights can actually scout on.

        Then list me all maps heavies can work on.

        After that we talk. You just listed 3 maps. I already said in my original comment that there are a few maps which lights can dominate on. But the rest are all corridor and city maps these days.

  4. Bob the builder says:

    Have to wonder is scout MM will change? Havoc is right new maps will be a must. But for this beast think I’ll Nick name it “stumpy”

  5. SnakeTheFox says:

    Such an obvious fantasy tank. There is no way it has 120mm/60 degrees of UFP and 180mm frontal turret armor and only weighs 15 tons. World of Tanks is pretty much science fiction, at this point. They’ve just given up on real tanks or real stats for prototypes and basically do whatever they want for balance’s sake, even if it’s totally physics defying like a tank with T-54 prototype armor that *weighs 10 tons less than a Panzer IV*.

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