T-103 HD Screen caps

These HD Renders are being added to the 9.19 test client. This tier 8 Russian Premium TD was tested in Supertest and has now received an updated model with a unique emblem.


Source WOT Express

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T-103 HD Screen caps

9 thoughts on “T-103 HD Screen caps

  1. Don’t know why I keep hoping for WG to correct the blatant unhistorical aspects they gave it and put it at tier 6 with the SU-100Y…

    but I guess it’s yet another case of: Money > Historical accuracy

    Well done WG… well done

    1. Renarde_Martel says:

      Well, with the advantage presented by a turret I wouldn’t want it on tier 6. More appropriate would be tier 7.

      1. depends how it’s balanced, but it should have the same 60mm of armor and 196mm of pen as the SU-100Y so really it should be either or.

        But definitely not tier 8 and absolutely not this unhistorical money grab

  2. This tank better be as big or bigger than a Maus, 2700 base dpm with the second best penetration for a premium, 440 alpha, decent accuracy and aim time. Good grief, that gun is a monster.

    It does have the weak tumor on top and a weak-ish hull but the 8 degrees of gun depression and good abuse of the 16 power to weight ratio does mean this tank can be as tough to pen in a brawl as it might be at range…

    The only balancing factors I see on this tank could be its large size, camo, weak points, and hit point pool. It sounds great on paper… but that dpm is insane. The closest counterpart is a T28 Proto and that tank is practically worse in every way with a better hull if you ignore the machine gun port weak point.

    Thanks for posting up the screen shots of the T-103, the artists did a beautiful job Jerry and it’s good to put the size into perspective 🙂

  3. heldermartins1 says:

    As I said before, me wants it. Bad. I’m used to oneshot Cromwell’s and the likes, with the SU-100Y so, this will be an upgrade. 🙂

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