T-103 Supertest Stats

Preliminary stats for a new premium Soviet TD, which is essentially looking to be a turreted SU-100Y:916xsevz7e4

HP: 1.250
Hull Armor: 100/100/60 mm
Turret Armor: 100/100/60 mm
Turret Traverse: 15 ° / s
Hull Traverse: 30 ° / s
Sight: 380 m
Speed: + 40 / -15 kph
Penetration: 258/307/65 mm
DMG: 440/440/580
Accuracy: 0.36
Aim time: 2.3 s
Reload Time: 10.2 seconds

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T-103 Supertest Stats

45 thoughts on “T-103 Supertest Stats

  1. Infernal969 says:

    Hell yeah, alpha damage creep is not bad enough yet. Also, we clearly do not have enought tier 8 premiums. After all the game doesn’t have any problems except the atrocious lack of new premiums.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        I don’t care what kind of a tank it is. Battles soon will have average lenght of 2 minutes because everything will be three-shotting you.Having below 390 alpha at tier 8 now is horrendous, because in the world of corridors and bush kemping you can’t do shit when it comes to trading shots.

      2. Actually this gun is WAY better on this than on the su101, the su has 0.7 seconds longer aim time AND no turret AND terrible gun depression. If this is the way its gonna be in-game than this will be way better than the 101, also considering after looking it up this has a faster ROF with the same gun…

      3. Renarde_Martel says:

        @Mark Van Eldik: not the same gun as the SU-101. Pen and alpha may be the same, but this is a 130mm gun, it is in fact the SU-100Y gun (both pen and armour are unhistorically overbuffed).

      4. @renarde_martel Okay it might technically not be the same gun, but considering it has the same alpha and penetration we might as well consider it the same. And that doesn’t change the fact that with these stats this tank is WAY better than the 101, which is arguably pretty shitty but still…

    1. Bricktop says:

      440 alpha so OP for tier 8 td lol.
      I know complaining about everything is now so cool and edgy but at least read post you complain about pls

      1. Infernal969 says:

        If it wasn’t for you thick skull then you’d maybe notice that I never stated that it’s OP.

  2. Noidea says:

    and yet still no premium American LT that is good for crew training… (I see a pattern here) if its not German or Soviet, you get shit!

      1. Renarde_Martel says:

        @Deadarashi: nothing new there. ELC AMX is a later project than the AMX 12/13 that it leads to, the new German tier 10 LT predates the RU251 and the Czech tier 7 is actually developed AFTER the tier 10.

        However, my money is on T92 becoming the new Grand Finals premium.

      2. Look you aren’t wrong, the UDES 03 is a later project after the STRV 103b and it’s 2 tiers lower with the real prototype, the S1, being a tier 8 premium.

        Oh WG dont ever change

    1. At least you get stuff, think about the british tier 8 premiums in the game, we got one, ONE.
      While there is after soviet, possibly the biggest amount of blueprints and prototypes available with the british, but you know WG seems to really dislike the brits for some reason…

  3. Can we get a tier 8 US TD instead? Or a tier 8 UK TD and HT? Seriously, way too many Soviet Premiums lately. Fair enough there’s no tier 8 Soviet TD (what ever happened to the KV4 KTTS?) but come on, we just had the Object 252

      1. Renarde_Martel says:

        WG historians found an updated design with more armour, obviously. It also has a turbo engine and laser rangefinder, but they left those out for fairness.

  4. Uuuhhh says:

    Every time they drop a new vehicle in the game or shop, they have to do a second one of a Russian vehicle. Strv 51 followed by this. New German heavies paired with obj. 252u and so on.

  5. tony says:

    it just proves that Wargaming are morons and really don’t listen to the players, unless your Russian and pay nothing towards the game, then you get to dictate to the rest of the rest of us.

    1. Well there are far more Russian in this game than everyone else, so it makes sense for them to do a lot of soviet tanks. However I am not sure if Russians do actually buy as much of these vehicles as people in the West.

      1. Oleg Ouyantsev-Syu says:

        Ooohkay I’m Russian and I’ve got 76 premiums in my garage; my teenage daughter has 30. All my friends have got at least first dozens. I bet my boots you’re missing something about Russia and Russian players. BTW this euro-snobbery of yours looks sooo funny )))

  6. Daryl says:

    Another reason for me to stay playing at their 5. The vehicles are honest and you don’t meet these new monstrosities.

  7. heldermartins1 says:

    Tou our sadly regrets, the biggest market for WG is Russia. And we all know russians love their sweets…

  8. fisco77 says:

    380m view range? On a t8 Soviet! td? Better than Borsig? Strange… Looks interesting… to play, not to look at. We’ll see.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I like that they increase the pen on all new tanks, so they can pen all the new buffed armor tanks frontally.
    That is making the old tanks and armored tanks more useless, as if their low speed wasn’t bad enough, you get penned frontally from tanks 2 tiers below..

  10. betterdead thanred says:

    imagine sidescraping in this in the city maps where there is no bushes etc.
    this better be dead slow, or else it will be OP.
    too many good points for being turreted td

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