T-103 Updated Supertest Stats

Good day/evening/way too early everyone,

Some updated stats to the T-103 Soviet tank destroyer (with a turret that looks like an ST-I forgot to get deflated):





Test 1.3

For those who don’t remember which of the multitude of Soviet tanks this is, here are some images:

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T-103 Updated Supertest Stats

9 thoughts on “T-103 Updated Supertest Stats

    1. Anonymous says:

      Don’t think too deeply into it. After all the is7’s 130mm only pumps out the same amount of alpha (490) as the the shorter German 128mm. But the German long 128mm pumps out the same as the French 130mm (560). Who would’ve guessed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. Looks like it has 220 frontal turret armour too.
        Which is very handy for the meta and tank design, as it can poke the turret up (looks like also full traverse turret) and KERBLAM everything while keeping the squishy hull concealed.

        Using same tactics as russian higher tier mediums.

        And russian heavies, that move as fast as mediums.

        And russian light tanks, with heavy tank turret armour….

        Hang on a minute.

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