T-22 sr. Changes


this is how the T-22 sr. will be rebalanced:



  • Reduction of the dynamics at the expense of resistance to all types of Terrain;


  • Turret traverse: from 48 to 40.


  • Aimtime: from 1.9 to 2.2;
  • Accuracy: from 0.33 to 0.36;
  • Turret Traverse spread: from 0.08 to 0.1;
  • Hull Traverse spread: from 0.08 to 0.1;
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T-22 sr. Changes

105 thoughts on “T-22 sr. Changes

    1. Anonymous says:

      And how do you suppose you know who cheated to get it and who suffered through the cheaters to earn it rightfully?

      1. Dreadnought1906 says:

        From what I have seen (and I have a LOT of friends who have the T-22), the percentage who rigged games to get the tank is at LEAST 95%.

    1. Filip says:

      IS-7 nerf? Are you out of your mind? The only place where that tank performs well is on Banana road on Himmelsdorf. Huge lower plate, terrible aim time and accuracy, horrible ground resistances and gun depression.

      1. Someone says:

        Anyone saying IS-7 has a huge lower frontal plate should :
        1. Have their eyes checked
        2. Drive E-100 or Maus.

        And yes IS-7 must be nerfed, after the complete elimination of gold ammo from the game.

    2. IS-7 is pretty poor, I’d recommend getting the tank to find out how clunky it is and how shit the gun is. All you’re basing your assumption off is the troll armour that upsets you. Apart from that it’s bad

      1. Renarde Martel says:

        I played it in Domination/Rampage/Steel Hunt/whatever when the modes were only available with pre-set tanks. Only good thing was the armour, otherwise I hated IS-7.

      2. Lolz. Is7 poor…aha ahah you make me laugh. In almost every situation it beats almost every other tier 10 heavy.
        And let’s be honest it shits all over the E5 and people whine that it is OP. Before the E5 was substandard. All they changed was certain parts of the lower plate is harder to pen and the same goes for cupola. As long as you aim at the right part you can still reliably pen E5 frontally.

        Just as an example to those who think is7 is balanced.
        Better armour than maus everywhere except directly behind.
        Much much better mobility than maus.
        And the gun is pretty much the same as the Maus.

        And this pattern of being better in almost every way and every situation applies to many of the other tier 10 heavies.

      3. You don’t have an IS-7 do you?

        I thought the exact same thing until I got it. The armour is very troll when playing against it, but that’s because it’s retard proof. The Maus is less so, so when you fight a Maus it’s far easier to deal with a lot of the time because people don’t know how to play it, whereas the IS-7’s armour is very forgiving even when poorly angled. When playing it, however, the armour fails constantly because you simply can’t get more out of it than the initial pike nose, and against HEAT/APCR that’s just not good enough. Then you have the E5, which has at worst a 250mm cupola if hit directly on, if you add any angling or shoot just too high then you bounce, even when hitting it with tier 10 TD guns or laser-beam meds. Or the lower plate, which is stronger than an FV215b’s upper plate, or the upper plate which is impenetrable unlike the IS-7’s, or the turret face which is impenetrable unlike the Maus, E 100, Type 5, etc. Then you have the mobility. Looks amazing on paper with such a high top speed. In reality I would rather drive an E 100 for mobility — seriously. The IS-7’s horrific traverse speed and poor mobility soft stats really kill it, unlike an E5 which is one of the fastest heavies with excellent all-round mobility. Then you have the gun. The IS-7 has the worst gun of all tier 10 heavies, save for the Type 5. Its gun looks like a Maus gun, but it’s not. It has slightly more base DPM, but the accuracy, aim time, and dispersion values are so fucking terrible it makes the tank unplayable. I could work around the meh mobility and shitty armour, that was designed for tomatoes to get lucky with instead of good players to use effectively, if the gun was at least good, but it’s literally the worst aspect of the tank. The Maus’ gun is shit for a tier 10 heavy, but it’s still better than that thing. Then you have the E5 that has best in class fire power save for the 215b because of the E5’s ridiculous accuracy and dispersion, great DPM, high pen, etc.

        The problem with IS-7’s is they’re annoying to deal with, and the entire line leading up to it is OP apart from the tier 9 which is just good. Because of this the tier 10 is grouped in with the OP IS’s simply because it has troll frontal armour and ridiculous side armour because of the spaced armour that eats shots (which is dumb and shouldn’t exist), so players don’t realise it’s actually a pretty poor tank until they get it, just like me.

        The problem with the E5 isn’t that it’s impossible to pen, but rather it has ridiculously troll armour that is better than equal tier super heavies, as well as having best in class mobility apart from the 113, as well as having a best in class gun save for the 215b. Any of the tier 10 heavies have their own roll — Maus focuses on sheer armour but drops all mobility and a lot of firepower (which is why Maus is bad, mobility is king), E 100 sacrifices some armour for some more mobility and a very impressive 150mm, 113 has mediocre armour and a mediocre gun for very good mobility, 215b dropped a lot of armour and mobility for an excellent gun, IS-7 is an all-rounder with decent but unreliable armour, mediocre speed, and a poor gun, whereas the E5 has excellent armour, excellent firepower, and good mobility. It drops nothing to balance out its strengths.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if it’s enough but we’ll have to see how bad the terrain nerfs are. It should either get rid of some of that armour too or have bad mobility kind of like the Superpershing.

    1. Swathe_EU says:

      Given that they couldn’t fit the proposed engine in with the crew, they should cut is horespower in half!

      1. Renarde Martel says:

        This is probably the only ‘blueprint’ vehicle that I dislike and want removed. The tank was practically impossible, there was no room for engine or crew or whatever due to the idiotic shape…

  2. Stari Misa says:

    The rampage mode was wrong from the start. But I want to talk about constant whining about op tanks.
    Lets face the facts.
    Majority of your followers Rita, unfortunately, are low skill noobs. The constant rant about op tanks has been around ever since the beginning of wot (just look at type 59, tank has become unplayable).
    They say wg is not listening to players, well they do, but mostly the worst ones. Instead of learning the weak spots and ways to outplay your oponents its way easier to write dozen of comments on forums and blogs, and soon wg will nerf tank to the ground so noobs can have a chance of penning shot or two.
    So yes, wg need to nerf all of them, e5, is7, is6, super pershing… and why stop there! Lets nerf all the tanks so they are all slow and have no armour or speed so noobs can win!
    Makes you wonder why tanks like is6 or sp are called “anti noob” tanks 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:

      I have no problems with t22sr (you can pen gun with 250+pen and always shoot the fron armor…sides are strong)…..but some tanks are too much OP like stupid OI and E5 (both need gold in their tier).E5 hulldown is like lottery with gold.You shoot and hope that 330 heat pen is enough for the “weak” spots

    2. Anonymous says:

      ”Makes you wonder why tanks like is6 or sp are called “anti noob” tanks:)”

      correction: Makes you wonder why tanks like is6 or sp are called “noob friendly” tanks:)

    3. Anonymous says:

      It’s funny that you call the type “unplayable” when it’s still nearly the best T8 med after all this time.

      1. Holiday_In_Cambodia says:

        Because he was acostumed to have limited mm. The tank is still op when top tier. The problem is that it has no limited mm no more.

    4. Anonymous says:

      you got the point. just start thinking, and you´ll realize where are those weakspots that you can pen. and i have to say that armor on the tank doesn´t mean much because gold rounds are available to everyone now, so even if you angle properly, noobs will shoot gold

      1. Because only the best and oldest players have it…the tank is mediocre.

        It’s only famous due to how hard it is to get and because it was one of the first prem to stop being sold a loooot time ago.
        6 nerfs in this tank is barely average compared to other tier 8 mediums and even some of the new premiums.

      2. Renarde Martel says:

        HAVOC199: can’t reply to you directly, there’s no button.

        Anyway, that’s a false assumption. There are plenty of bad people running around with Types. Old players don’t necessarily get good. And WoT-News sorts statistics for the tank according to player WR, and you can quite clearly see that it overperforms at pretty much every class of players.

        The mobility is still decent, the camo is still good, and the armour is still fantastic. It compares very well to T-54 Mod.1 but with limited MM slapped on top. This tank would need it’s parameters ruined horribly to become ‘unplayable’.

      3. Patata Caliente says:

        If he finds the Type59 ‘unplayable’ then perhaps he is not such a good player himself. I wonder where gets his ‘facts’ from.

    5. Dutchpanzer says:

      ”aim for weakspots”…..lol, That is really going to work with the despersion and the rng of the shots. You can aim at point blank range at the is6 weakspot and rng claims the shot. Let’s be honest. Tanks like the IS6 are quite redicilous xD

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL, you people are silly, I rigged to get my T-22 and Im happy to have done it! Now it will be a somewhat rare tank and to truly nerf that tank you need to go after the armor hence its in HD already i doubt that will happen. The interesting thing is that when i was doing the missions were extremely hard at the best of times to get the thing even with a group of people working with you. I dare say there are literally no players that didn’t rig or “get help” with at least one of there missions ??? we helped so many while we in the mode even if they weren’t rigging ??? Why because they would ask us for help.

    Bottom line is Wargaming understands there mistake of making the missions to hard for even good players to get it, also a mode that considerable potential but implemented very poorly.

    Your simply average player

      1. pixywing says:

        Too bad he will only get a one week ban and get to keep the tank. Wargaming encourages rigging and EU made aim botting legal. This game is garbage.

    1. As Anonym As You says:

      You may have that tank, but your reasoning is the reasoning of someone, who is not good enough to earn it in a legal way.
      So, to me, you are an under average player, cheating his way up to a tank, he does not deserve.

      I just wonder how you could even reach tier 8, 9 or 10 with your poor skills.

  4. Pyros says:

    So they are basically taking away the only two things the tank hows. My opinion might not be a popular one however apart from the gun handling and the mobility its a fairly bad tank.

    It has armor only if you dont know were to shoot it IE: dont shoot the side ever and you will be fine to shoot just about anywhere else…. It has horrible ammo rack issues almost every game i played in the tank has me sitting on a 13 second reload the entire match. The only saving grace the tank has is its gun handling and mobility and I would rather play my 907 over the T 22.

  5. Still waiting on that french t10 arty nerf, but they won’t change any arties until they’ve reworked the system so we have to suffer a good long while. Not sure they should nerf the T-22 so hard seeing as it was very hard to get.

    1. ragnarokbazil says:

      Hard to get when you got 18 of the same clan rigging each other? Funny i call it a cheat tank…

      nerf it to tier 8 sell it to the public thats the best nerf and it counter acts the cheating bastards lets not forget to nerf that armor which they can do. im looking at you super pershing.

  6. pixywing says:

    So tank went from the best tank in the game to still the best tank in the game. Welp I guess I never playing world of tanks again, back to AW and League of Legends I guess.

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      or never play tier 9 or 10s i dont unless in a scout tank. my t49 says fuck you to t-22s your armor means shit to an arty gun!

  7. Are they planing to make this as a reward for random battles like obj 260? Or why are they nerfing it?

    btw. Rita: i would appreciate to log into with Google acc instead of facebook, twitter, etc 🙂 Just saying

  8. LevelZer0 says:


    what they really should do, is to make the tank available to everyone.
    As they have done with the WZ-111.

    Just as they should with the Type 59.

    No more whining then, except of the guys buying an “op-tank” that isn’t op at all.

  9. siralexice says:

    WTF, this russian tank had better precision, dispersion and aim time than a british Centurion AX or FV215b?!

  10. Me says:

    I really dont know why you all constantly resolving crap like this. Come to Armored Warfare, where are no mods, no clan wars, gold and premium days fo free, premium tanks for 150 wins, sealclubbers and statfappers are getting whipped by waiting in queues and assigning to teams with most useless retards so they cant farm. Developers listening to players and when you report someone with screens or replay, he is banned for day or more. If this is not enough, you can play against AI tanks and exp your whole tree not participating in single random battle.

    1. Anonymous says:

      “assigning to teams with most useless retards” -as opposed to WoT where you always have super unicorns in your team. Kappa.
      Overall AW still has way way way way way…way more long term potential than WoT simply because they have the motivation and ability to chip away at WoT’s disappointed playerbase while WG can’t even fix the most obvious broken mechanics.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Buddy your face is shit mr “me says” Hes right AW is better. infact they shit on riggers and clubbers. and they GAVE away free type 59s as called type 59 legends. and you have normal types in the tech tree. Who ever says AW is shit is a fucking WG ass kisser.. Rita shown its one of the better tank games. i was in one of her live streams. you call it shit cause they dont let you A: CHEAT, B: Stat pat, C: Seal club, D: Mod the game to warpack!, and E: Put up with toxic shit heads that think they are better then the world like FAME! Lastly no gold ammo whats not to love?! And i hear they are putting back in overpenatration?! Fuck yeah! excuse my speech.. just tired how toxic wot has made me.

  11. dr.zharre says:

    Only right thing to do would be removal from the game…
    Other would be hard punishment.
    Like it was at Gameforge’s OGAME…
    Cheating = 20 years ban so u go and cheat
    But well, Gameforge are germans so…
    WG is only encouraging other cheaters to do it again…

  12. DM says:

    What with the huge hate towards T-22 and its drivers, I don`t get it .. what is your problem people? Stop being such envious pricks. I don`t have it, but I still don`t care if someone rigged to get it or not, it still was fucking hard to get, even with all rigging. And it is not that hard to counter it in random, that is, if your semi decent player .. of course if you autoaim at all tanks in tier 10 battles, then T-22, IS-7, E5 and almost every nopaper tank is OP as hell xD

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like that when new tank is added is always better than older.
    Russian tanks become more precise than other. Russian medium tanks have armour , enough view range, precision even and enough speed.
    Look at Leopard have speed but no armour and view range si +10m . Wtf. Precision .03 – 0.34 no big difference in game play.
    Should be a clear difference on this.

  14. Hrothgar says:

    If they want to nerf it for riggers, they should did from him like poor tier 1 tank stats. Like accuracy 1.0 , reload time 20 sec. And then riggers can cry , lel.

  15. People can be really stupid. You’re all complaining it’s not enough of a nerf, but look at it. It always had poor DPM, but now it has worse aiming stats than the 140, for example, so fire power wise it’s significantly worse than its peers. So what does it have left? Mobility. Its mobility was also nerfed, however, so although it’s not bad by any stretch it more accurately reflects how the tank should shift around considering its armour. That’s another thing it still has, ridiculous side armour values and standard Russian med turret armour, but its upper plate is still a weakspot.

    So, you’re basically left with a pretty mobile platform with troll armour but an underperforming gun. It’s not a bad tank, but certainly not OP anymore. This is good. The WoT player base cries that WG either don’t nerf OP tanks or over nerf them, which is certainly true for the IS-3 and E5, or on the other end of the spectrum the Foch 155 that was nerfed into the ground, but why cry when WG do a good job? You cry that they won’t nerf it, then they do and you cry that they won’t over nerf it? WG fuck up a lot, don’t give them shit for the times they don’t.

  16. cpt BabaNovac says:

    Comparing Leopard with Obj 140
    Poor Leopard. Has no armour, gun handling is nerfed by dispersion on move and turret rotation what is better on Obj140. Acceleration is nerfed by terrain resistance better on Obj 140 even is power/weight is better on Leopard and remain only a +10m view range and top speed and beter gun depression.
    Wtf WG. Try to balance this.
    To not speak about T22 with clear better values. Try make a real diference on gun handling and view range for tanks without armour .

  17. Anonymous says:

    listening to the community is fine, but only if you listen to the right people, i bet half of you who want this tank nerfed and removed cant get a better than 1800 wn8 at t10 let alone 3500-4k even at t9. The problem with that is the majority of you dont understand the game well enough to make good decisions about it, should a tank be balanced based on how well the avg person does or how the tanks stats line up with others. WN8 is not luck or hacking or cheats its the skill to know what targets to prioritize its the skill of having good situational awareness and knowing how to act accordingly. Most of the unicum community agree that the t-22 is not op its not that great, yes it has better side armor but its weak front plate and turret more than make up for it also its significantly lower dpm is a serious disadvantage. I have heard countless cries for maps to be removed because they are “bad” or “imbalanced” but 9/10 those people are bad at the game and do not know how to play the map and thus do poorly and dislike it, should we remove a map because some moron doesnt know how to play it and thus always does bad, no the responsibility is on the player to get better. I believe a lot of people believe this tank is op because it has “such good armor” when in pub battles 8/15 people think that they can pen the side of the t22 and dont realize they can pen the gun mantlet, that doesnt make the tank op just people are bad. this would be like if people thought you could pen the upper plate of an e100 and only shot there by the same logic the e100 would be op but people dont do that they know where to shoot, Wargaming needs to be careful who they listen to because listening to red/yellow/orange/green recent wn8 is dangerous because those players are likely uninformed and asking for changes that would not be necessary if they had better understanding of the game.

    1. Me says:

      There are two groups of cocks. First group are people you describe, which are useless cripples no matter what and no matter of situation. Second group are pathetic cocks that perform very well in any situation, but only if they have 1 or 2 more cocks in platoon that will save them if shit hits the fan. This kind of cocks very rarely play alone and if yes, their bitching and crying can be listened even week after that solo battle. This kind of cocks are that rigging cocks this article is mentioning. Which group of cocks is worse?

      1. Anonymous says:

        you are group 1 clearly, because if you were good you would know that in order to do 3 or even in some cases 2 mark tanks you need to solo because playing with better players means those ppl will steal your damage. 2nd of all the ppl ur talking about are ok players the good players can solo and do just fine in fact i get better wn8 when soloing and about 65% winrate solo but with toon i get about 70-80% winrate. and the “bitching” you are referring to is directed at the first group out of frustration, the good players may rage in chat but in their heart know what they did wrong.

    2. It doesn’t make sense to balance a game (the tanks/maps) for the best 1% of the players. (Don’t know if you are a unicum.) That doesn’t mean that they should listen to the worst 66% of the players of course. And it definitely doesn’T make sense to give the fucking best OP tank in the whole game only to those who can achieve nigh impossible missions. Cause unicums in OP tanks destroy the gameplay for 99% of the other players.

      1. Anonymous says:

        i did not say balance the game around the top 1% i said balance the game based on itself. balance tanks according to other tanks not according to how people happen to do in it. If tanks were balanced on how ppl did in them then every time the unicums settled on a tank they like it will get nerfed and a tank they dont gets buffed then the unicums go to the buffed tank and then it gets nerfed because the unicums are doing well in it and on and on. The t-22 is not he “fucking best op tank in the whole game” the fact that you say that shows that you are no better than a green player probably worse because the unicum community agrees that the t-22 is not that great, it may be good for competitive play but as far as pub battles no it is not that great its no better or worse than the 140 or 62a or 907. and yes it does make sense to give a good tank to better players, because it means they have earned the tank.

    3. WinkelriedDerVerpetzte says:

      Funny argumentation that only smurfs or unicums know the weakspots. So to say…you are wrong.

      This tank is mainly driven by good players who rigged or a few guys that earned it on the legal way.

      In fact those players very good know how 2 hide the weaknesses of the tank.With that mobility and armor, aimtime and russian-non-rng there is no problem to shoot and go for reload back into safe position. Or for example use the mobility to flank or round the opponent.The opponent then can only hit the stronk sidearmor.And all this is not OP? Why must a med have a great mobility AND also a armor like a better heavy?

      1. Anonymous says:

        1.by your logic the e50 is op 2. the gun mantle is a weak spot good players have no trouble penning the t-22, you cant hide your gun if your shooting someone.

      2. WinkelriedDerVerpetzte says:

        1. No…is armor (especially on sides) and mobility of a E50 comparable with a T22sr?

        2. Yes its possible to pen it.But this is much more difficult (rng) when u must hit a very small weak spot which u can only hit in a really short moment cos of this great mobility.

        And if only great players have this vehicle they only show this little weakspot for just a moment. So this OP-Tank (mobility + armor) becomes more and more OP.

      1. Anonymous says:

        no it absolutely is not that’s like saying that recreational little league baseball players opinion on “changing the game” is just as valid as major league baseball players, that is the dumbest thing ive ever heard.

      2. Anonymous says:

        you are a moron, that is like saying that recreational little league players have as much of a valid opinion on the balance of baseball as major league players do. there are so many players that dont fully understand the game mechanics and yet still think their opinion is as valid as the better players. A few examples are people who believe that there are hacks, people that believe aim mods are A. the only means of doing well and B. that aim mods are good (trust me everything an aim mod does i do better) players that believe in invisitanks etc.

      3. Anonymous says:

        that is like saying that recreational little league players have as much of a valid opinion on the balance of baseball as major league players do. there are so many players that dont fully understand the game mechanics and yet still think their opinion is as valid as the better players. A few examples are people who believe that there are hacks, people that believe aim mods are A. the only means of doing well and B. that aim mods are good (trust me everything an aim mod does i do better) players that believe in invisitanks etc.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I see in random yellow player take it in 70 battles in Rampage mod, 70 battles!!! I have over 100 and im still sturgling to finnish last 10 missions… Ofc he didnt rig the missions, ofc he is a pro and for every mission he only need 2 attempts.. Cmon, some t22 rig players are easy to find in random, but what can u do withput evidence that they rig, and i know a lot of players rigging today too…

  19. dawbra says:

    Basically if they nerf that thank , they can give it for all of us , because he will suck like all new premium tanks.
    I hope they don’t do stupid no life maraton like wz111 and/or they don’t give it on christmas gift…

  20. Just Call Me Zo says:

    Any thoughts on this one, Rita? From the very short description of the changes, I’m assuming you are beholding to the phrase “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  21. They should of just removed the T-22sr, and gave everyone a credit compensation for having it. No point having the tank in the game once Rampage is removed, and all stats gained could be dumped on another tank.

    There’s going to be a massive amount of riggers now trying to get the T-22.. grats WG.

    1. Nailed it, besides WG always seemed to give a shit about rigging, there was some saying about bans but as always nothing official and of course no lists of banned plaayers so, what is holding us as the rest of players to try and rig some to get it?

      Good job WG, you behave like a Hippie Police department, Peace and Love

  22. Anonymous says:

    That is a huge nerf and will completely destroy the T22. Guys, you have to remember that the Object 140 and T62A were already more powerful than the T22. Nevermind after this nerf.

    Also someone thinking IS-7 needs a nerf and that it shits all over E5? What are you on? All the IS-7 has is turret armor; period. The E5 is 90% inpenetrable frontally, especially if you add tomato RNG armor to the equation. Some people make so many claims with having no knowledge about the game which is kind of funny.

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