T-22 sr. NewER Changes


T-22 sr. statistics got changed again in Supertest, scrap completely the last article, this is the updated version:


Note: Most recent stats are being compared to current 9.14’s.


  • Turret traverse: from 48 to 30.


  • Hull Traverse: from 54 to 40
  • Terrain Resistance: from 0.6/0.7/1.5 to 0.9/1/2
  • On the move Dispersion: from 0.08 to 0.12
  • Rotating Dispersion: from 0.08 to 0.12
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T-22 sr. NewER Changes

88 thoughts on “T-22 sr. NewER Changes

    1. Hahaha I so agree with that, so many people are padding those missions in my clan (can’t blame them that much, there’s basically zero people playing rampage on NA) and I personally couldn’t give a damn about losing my time at this I was secretly hoping they’d nerf-bat it to the ground. I’ll troll my clamm8 on the chat tonight xD

    1. Landric says:

      Hate to break it to you, but if you ever play a random battle, you are a “pubbie” no matter what “skills” you have. Plus, its a video game, being a pink superultramegaunicum and $5 will get you a small coffee at Starbucks, just like it will for a 200 WN8 tomato.

    2. When was this an amazing tank anyway? Its only good against total tomatoes. DPM is shit and shots into the gun mantle go in every single time. Useless turret, especially in close-medium range. Obj 140 and 907 are still the best among the armored mediums.

  1. Robert says:

    Come on, with 30 degrees of turret traverse this tank canbarely be used as a TD, that hurts even without having one …

  2. linktoinsanity says:

    I doubt this is final as well to be honest. They’re probably just testing it with different nerfs until they get a result that they are after.

    If these stats go through it will still have amazing gun handling.

  3. S842 says:

    Whatever the nerfs are, the T22 should end up roughly equivalent to the existing Russian tier 10 mediums as it would not be proper for there to be one medium that was effectively better than any other in the game. Good balance is required, or the game will suffer from many dissatisfied players and a declining player base. That is what is best for the game and all players.

  4. Xavier Moavero says:

    Maybe some people got it legit on EU, but there is never, EVER, anyone playing Rampage in NA, so all the people i have seen with the T-22 I report. One time I was in a game where there was a platoon of T-22’s. They all were tomatoes and died quickly, so everyone in the game reported them xD

    1. Corvi says:

      Same on EU, there are so few people playing those modes that its literally impossible to even get into a game, yet attempt to complete a mission. 99,9% of the players driving that thing rigged it.

      1. A good amount of people got it legit 0n EU. Sure most are riggers but still people got it legit. Especially when the mode was new and people still played it. If anyone gets it now probably a rigger.
        NA is a much smaller to begin with add on top almost no one played rampage at elall even from day 1…nearly all are riggers.
        9n SEA only 9 players have t22 on entire server. All riggers. Not one person got it legit. Just not enough population on sea server to get enough to play a game.

  5. Their previous changes balanced it though. It became worse than a standard tier 10 Russian med like the 140, which is good because the T62/140 are both OP as fuck. Just as I complimented them in your last post for not over nerfing the tank, WG go ahead and over nerf it massively.

    This shit is why WG shouldn’t listen to pubbies, especially on the RU server. Consult unicums and community contributors who have an idea of what they’re talking about because pubbies just want something they don’t like at the time to be smashed into the ground, not genuinely rebalanced. They don’t know when to stop, both pubbies and WG balancing department alike, and need competent players to tell them when.

  6. Maybe if WG stop trolling all the missions and making it all but 99% impossible to complete both Rampage missions them the players wouldn’t feel the need to cheat!

    I blame WG as much as the Unicum clans and players for cheating
    WG for being typical dumb troll missions and super OP reward tanks and the players who now have banned or temp banned accounts

    if! the players had gotten away with it the troll T-22 would seem very worth it

    however those few that legit got the reward T-22sr reward tank jeez feel so sorry for them, not there fault but tarred with same brush, not fair

    WG please wake up fools

    1. Who says players didn’t get away with it? WG? where is the list of bans? yeah, right naming and shaming. Ok then I won’t believe a single word that players were banned and riggers don’t have T22s

    2. Nobby says:

      Typical whining child, blaming WG for rigging by making the missions difficult is pathetic – the missions were SUPPOSED to be hard in order to win a good tank. Now it’s being nerfed because so many idiots rigged to get it and still they try to blame WG for making them have to work for a reward.

      Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

  7. OopSAA says:

    One OP tank less. Now a nerf for the upcoming CW tank Chieftain/T95, then the British line is balanced. Better do that right away WG, insteat after the reward.

      1. OopSAA says:

        Yes I know it is a T8, but to OP in that matter. Just make a compare on tanks.gg and you see to much green. WG better make it on parr before they hand it out.

  8. Laserguided says:

    Don’t forget to nerf the camo; make this tank be seen by enemy arty from across the map. Cheaters needs special “recognition”. This tank should auto decrease teamate’s camo within a radius of 100 m.

  9. Mel C says:

    Well its a start. Now we can all drink the tears of all those riggers, and enjoy the music of their sad whining 🙂

    1. Kenny says:

      Lol what’s sad is the riggers aren’t the ones crying, they don’t give a rats ass about a free tank getting nerfed, and they are mostly unicums that enjoy nearly every other tier 10 in the game like myself. Don’t have a T22 but I’m a Unicum and don’t give a rats ass about that tank.

  10. killswitch95 says:

    Dont want one, doont need one, everyone i’ve came across died incredibly easy to my hand (And Im a shitter…) … all it does is eat HEAT/HE/HESH… if you can shoot the APCR that is standard for most tier 10 premiums you’ll turn this thing into a wreck in no time… Its not OP at all if you know how to deal with it (Press 1, profit), its just a rolling billboard of douchebagginess because of the way 99% of the people had to get it… I mean sure nerf it, it was nothing to brag about to start with, so it doesnt really matter…

  11. Gravel78 says:

    Sorry to see this! I remember the big promises!
    And after WG made impossible missions like: “do 12 internal modul damage under 6 minutes”.
    WG punish the players who put months of works to get this vehicle !
    Haters whinings in here and in Rampage mode too.
    They reported me becouse I was played together with my clan-mates in a platoon!!!
    This is wich-hunting!

    Btw. I dont have this T-22 med. !!!!!!!

    1. Gravel78 says:

      If they are soo ashamed why punish everybody and not just the riggers????
      Why they punish somebody who put 5 month work to this tank????

    1. Anonymous says:

      Now its moving like a T26E4 Super Pershing, aiming like an A-44 with 50% crew, and agile like a TOG II. Sure this is a great tank! 🙁
      The problem with the boo-hooo guys they don’t understand the armour of this tank ( they do not understand the meaning of “effective armour” at all)!
      Do not shoot the side of this tank Dummy!

  12. ndpendant says:

    Phew. I’m fine with these nerfs. Prefer these changes to the first set of proposed nerfs, tank will still be great ^_^

  13. Some blueberry was raging in chat for penning 2 clips in him with my sp1c without bouncing once. Priceless. The front of this tank is incredibly bad. It can’t angle because it cancels the peak nose, all it can do is reverse side scrape. And even then, the gun mantle is PAPER.

  14. michalm9 says:

    I’m actually fine with this one. A bit salty that armor was not touched but these nerfs just obliterate this tank. Thumbs up for WG.

  15. Howie says:

    Its too much…. “some” of us busted our A$$es to get it… the only people that think its a good thing are the crybabies that did not earn it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    even if they would give him pene 240 with accuracy 0,42 it will be still the best reverse-sidescraping heavy ( oh sorry i mean medium ) tank in the game … And in good hands… Good luck to pene his top of turret….
    They should remove him or rework his hull that V-shape… it shouldnt be on tank with great mobility and great gun handling. Its my opinion so dont hate me please :)))

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wargaming is either going to buff the tank that it is OP or they nerf the tank to shit. There is just no inbetween with them, which sucks tbh.

  18. NERF T-22 NERF RIGGERS says:

    this tank needs a nerf to its interesting side armor. this is the main problem i guess. t22 sidescrapes better than a maus, is4 or e100. because incoming shells to its side armor just ricochet, due to 54 degree vertical slope. if you add that vertical slope a horizontal 45 degree slope by sidescraping
    you become immune to shells

    even +350 pen apcr shells cant do any damage to this “medium” that has better armor than a heavy.

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