T-44-100M Supertest Stats

Stats for the M version of the T-44-100. How many versions of these buggers are WG going to crank out?12

HP: 1450
Engine power: 520
Weight: 33.5 t
Power to Weight ratio: 15.5
Speed: + 52 / -20 kph
Hull Traverse: 51 ° / s
Turret Traverse: 48 ° / s
Terrain Resistance: 0.5 / 0.6 / 1.5
Hull Armor: 90/75/45 mm
Turret Armor: 120/100/100 mm
View Range: 380 m
Signal Range: 700 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 100 mm LB-1Bm
DMG: 300/300/360
Penetration: 183/235/50 mm
DPM: 1,875
Rate of fire: 6.25
Reload: 9.6 s
Accuracy: 0.35
Aim Time: 2.2 s
Depression/Elevation: -7 ° / + 23 °

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T-44-100M Supertest Stats

18 thoughts on “T-44-100M Supertest Stats

  1. Literally the only difference I can find between this and the standard T-44-100 is that the alpha is higher with lower DPM and the gun has been changed to a modernized version.

    lol wg

    I’m going to guess that this will not replace the current T-44-100 because they would have just changed the stats of it….maybe a personal mission campaign reward tank?

    1. I think they’re just testing it as a separate tank for now so they can compare the two vehicles side-by-side, as they’ve been hinting at a T-44-100 buff for a little while now, and I seriously doubt they’d release a near-exact copy of an existing premium vehicle (of which two variants already exist – the standard one and the Rostelecom version).

      1. docbassie says:

        its wargaming… they probably will do that 😛 look at what we got with the black tanks for example

      2. Yes, but even WG admitted that they were a terrible idea, and would probably not happen again on future vehicles going forward. That, and those vehicles were exact-copies of the regular premium versions (minus the paint), whereas this changes two main characteristics of the vehicle – damage per shot and health.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Thats poetic so we are the flys and wg is the spider? And is the web the tank we get milked of our money if we are caught in it?

      2. @Anonymous, flies are players that don’t know what they’re doing and get themselves killed and spiders are players that take advantage of the game mechanics/content to kill the flies. The T-44-100M is not the next Type-59 and definitely not a must buy tank. The only people that get ‘milked’ by wargaming as you say are collectors and it is not for me to decide what is an appropriate hobby for anyone.

  2. Nevermind says:

    a little originality would be nice. t-44, t44-85, t44-100, T44-100M… Why not some other nations? Seems like only Russian MTs, and German TDs now days.

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