T-44 Further Supertest Changes

Good day everyone,

So a few more changes to the T-44 are coming out of supertest, here is what we have now:

  • Horsepower: 680 → 820
  • Maximum Reverse Speed: 20 → 23kph
  • Shot Scatter During Hull Traverse: 0.173 → 0.134
  • Shot Scatter During Forward Movement: 8.8 → 6.85
  • Shot Scatter During Hull Traverse w/ Forward Movement: 7.59 → 5.91

Changes to 100mm LB-1 Gun:

  • DPM: 2055.7 → 2234.7
  • Reload: 7.192 → 6.712 sec.
  • Rate of Fire: 8.343 → 8.393
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T-44 Further Supertest Changes

29 thoughts on “T-44 Further Supertest Changes

    1. “Because all of our potato pc russian players noobed their way through the rasha meds to meme at tier IX and X, but were too retarded to make the T-44 work and so it’s average winraye is a tad low, therefore it must be buffed immediately. Priority fucking one. Not the T-34-2. Not the Leopard 1. Not any of these other tanks that we don’t give a shit about. Muh rusha needs retard-proof mediums and four heavy tank lines.

  1. Spotsies says:

    Are these idiots actually retarded? T-44 is amongst the better mediums as it is right now. Maybe it would be about time to give some love to the Chinese mediums instead? Those that have been underperforming compared to the Russian even before they buffed the Russians?

  2. I get that the tier 8 meds need buffs. Especially in DPM.
    But the T-44 needs them the least since it just got buffed recently.

    I just hope the rest of the tier 8 mediums aren’t forgotten because they aren’t russian….

    WG priorities……

  3. OpaKnobbi says:

    I really wonder what they reasonig behind this… After the latest buffs, T-44 is already a very playable tank, with all these buffs it will be just too strong. Do they really think this is nessessary?
    Otherwise, if they are planning to do something like this to all T8 meds (because generally T8 meds are really unimpressive atm) and this is just a first test, then I would be quite ok with it

  4. Anonymous says:

    the priorities for buffing tanks are retaded…. there are tanks in much more need of a buff (t-34-2,panther 88,tiger ii,su101) than this thing. Some times i dont know what they are even thinking.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like the fact that all the responses have been disliked probably by a wg funboy or a guy working for wg trying to show the capitalist west that the working man is happy with the communist state buffing glorious soviet tanks while disliking the shameful propaganda of the puppets of the us down in the comment section!

    1. pppp says:

      Like west capitalist buff in all game west armor to be op then in rly to satisfaction west have all better then east and only good think make west…

  6. erickcf says:

    Player : T-44 need buff
    WG : oh we hear T-44 need Buff , then we OverBuff it
    Early 2013
    Player : Amx m4 45 need buff
    WG: We are appreciate with your suggestion and opinion. Please believe us, we will report this suggestion to relevant department for further discussion, but we can’t guarantee you now, please kindly understand it.

    WG ( 2 ):Please keep in mind that while we strive for historical accuracy (and through the use of prototype vehicles, plausibility) we also need to take game balance issues into consideration.

    WG (3 ): We do not simply re-balance the tank as we like it, please understand we have monitor all tank performance and tweak it if there is necessary. Our CEO has made an explanation regarding this topic

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