T-44 LT New Stats

Good day everyone,

So another <sigh> Soviet premium is in testing now, this time a new iteration of the T-44 LT. The name is pretty self explanatory, so let’s look at the current stats (*Updated with more detailed stats/screenshots):


  • Tier 8
  • HP: 1,100
  • Engine Power: 850hp
  • Power to Weight: 27.1 hp/t
  • Hull Armor: 90/75/44mm
  • Turret Armor: 120/90/70mm
  • Speed: +68/-24 kph
  • Turret Traverse: 46.9 deg/sec.
  • Hull Traverse: 50 deg/sec.
  • Terrain Resistances: 0.863/0.959/1.918
  • View Range: 390 m
  • Signal Range: 700

  • Gun: 85mm ЗИС–С–С53СМ
  • Damage: 180/180/300
  • Penetration: 182/210/44
  • DPM: 2346.4
  • Reload: 4.8 sec.
  • Accuracy: 0.4
  • Aim Time: 1.9 sec.
  • Depression/Elevation: -5/+20 deg.


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T-44 LT New Stats

33 thoughts on “T-44 LT New Stats

    1. jigz says:

      how many soviet premium light tanks above low tiers? People like you are just stupid all the nations with high tier lights are getting a tier 8 premium.

      Some just love to moan!

      1. Anonymous says:

        They act like it’s easy to waltz into a foreign nation’s research archives and pull up the data. It’s almost like WG needs a disclaimer explaining that before they do every new release or Q&A

      2. Anonymous says:

        how many soviet premium heavy tanks are sitting at tier 8? don’t you see what’s wrong or are you just blinded by the fact there is a light tank being added?

      3. MozzaBurger says:

        There isn’t any tier 8 LT prem so that makes sense. Something to go against the T92 LT, Black Dog, etc. Looks exciting tbh. Also, it’s a Russian game, what do people expect exactly?

  1. Pedalpowered says:

    AP pen +12
    horsepower +100
    hp/t: was 23.9 now 27.1 so +3.2
    reload: 4.8 from 5.8 so -1sec
    DPM: from 1877.1 to 2346.4 so +469.3

    Accuracy: 0.4 from 0.316 so +0.084
    Health: from 1200 to 1100 so -100

    1. Vanler DearNoob says:

      Depression/Elevation: -5/+20 deg.
      this is why all the urss tanks are useless in my hands, I need a tank that have a depression as big as mine

    1. M 41 90 has quite decent DPM as well.
      But that doesn’t have the armor or acceleration of this one.
      Better view range, accuracy, gun depression and alpha, though.

      1. Mikosah says:

        The 41-90 is perhaps the one exception, but its level of performance should be what we consider ordinary for a tier 8 light tank. The re-balance severely over-nerfed its tech tree counterparts.

      1. Pang Zhu says:

        You are completely right, but I sort of can see their points.

        There is lots of nations and classes missing a tier 8 premium vehicles – especially ones that you can purchase from tech tree for gold.

        Yet there are Soviet tier 8 premium vehicles released in masses.

        Kind of sucks, if you need a crew trainer for a particular class and nation.

  2. Kyros says:

    So cutting off 3 tons from T-44 is now a light tank ? For your Information T-44 ltw. is worse in very aspect to LTTB except in 12mm+ Armorpen & in Turret armor it has more riccoshit area.
    This is not the light Tank you’re looking for (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  3. stormcrow99 says:

    Meh. Brawling LT, I guess the soviets are allowed to have this with the exception of the LTG. More variety in my gunsight.

  4. ppl always need a fuckin “crew trainer”… srsly just play your favorite tanks simply much more times and you will get your crew to high level…
    as if 50%+ is so much more… especially nowadays you get thousands of boosts

  5. Kindabruh says:

    Seems that WG is intent on giving every line with high tier LTs a tier 8 premium
    ELVEN 90(I forgot what name it was) from France
    T92 of ‘Murica
    The return of the AwfulPanther of Germany
    And a scaled down T44 from Soviet
    Any idea for the Chinese tier 8 prem? A scaled down Type 59 perhaps?

    1. tiresieas says:

      The WZ-131/132/59-16/Type 62 are all already “scaled down Type 59s”. There are variants of the Type 62 that would fit, like the Type 62G, which is a very modern (2000’s) modernization to include the Type 59-II’s gun and a new turret which may have advanced armor. Another option is the Type 62-I, or WZ-131A, which has certain improvements over the regular Type 62 with regards to protection and gun reliability, but would have the stock WZ-131 gun.

    2. iamshadowed says:

      But the Type 62 is already a scaled down Type 59. But that’s a tier 7. I dunno how they’ll make another WZ-132 out for this.

  6. Nameless says:

    My LTTB is still better. Not a premium but better. That’s how premiums were supposed to be.
    *checks viewrange* *sees that the T100 LT has as much viewrange than a T8 premium LT* … really WG, really…

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