T-44 Supertest Changes

Good day everyone,

Super brief post, but a few changes to the T-44 are being tested, and here is what we have so far:

  • Engine Power: 680 → 820 HP
  • Maximum Speed: +51/-20 → +51/-23 kph
  • LB-1 Reload Time: 7.5 → 7 sec.
  • Shot Scatter During Hull Traverse: 0.18 → 0.14

That’s it for now.

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T-44 Supertest Changes

17 thoughts on “T-44 Supertest Changes

  1. heinz says:

    This is another case of mostly noobs playing Russian tanks and “our statistics showed that T44 is underperforming so we decided to improve it”

  2. ThatGuyWithManyTooComplaints says:

    When they buff a normal Tank: Buff Buff Buff Nerf Nerf
    When they buff a stronk national soviet Hero Tonku: Buff Buff Buff Buff , nothing Nerfed.

    1. pppp says:

      I play this game in first beta 2010 and most time nerf soviet tank . Muas and e100 buff 100x and is4 and is7 nefr most time like KV most nerf tank is a KV line…. Now all can pen KV…

  3. Mikosah says:

    This could be a positive sign in the long run. Not that the T-44 in particular is so terrible and needs to be buffed, but that tier 8 mediums in general are unimpressive tier-for-tier. Notably in terms of DPM, Discounting the obj 416 (which is really a TD), 2.1k is the upper end for tier 8 medium base DPM, and that’s a tragedy.

    And as an aside, many light tanks are in a similar situation. Though in their case I recommend view range buffs.

  4. Partybooper says:

    I grinded through the T-44 after its last buff… Seriously, this is one of the tier 8 mediums which DOESN’T need a buff! It’s the tier 8 medium with the highest average damage in my list by far!

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