T-45, a free garage slot


small update, the T-45 we saw earlier this year is scheduled to be Wargaming’s birthday gift tank aka free garage slot.


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T-45, a free garage slot

57 thoughts on “T-45, a free garage slot

  1. Michael Hughes says:

    looks okay. Could be more creative. Why not shermans. Tier 6 jumbo with the stock turret and M1A1 Name it after a famous one? The havoc sherman that was rolling around during tankfest. Tiger 131. hang on why can’t I buy tiger 131!

    1. Anonymous says:

      As far as i can remember they never gave away any present/christmas tank that was higher then tier 3. But i agree, some other nation would have been nice or maybe not ALWAYS light tanks and maybe a tank destroyer for variety?

  2. Well, to be fair, it’s not looking too bad this time around. Pretty good armor for a tier 2, run-of-the-mill 45mm gun, decent mobility… well, it’s Russian, what more is there to say?

    1. wheeledtank says:

      As someone who likes the T-60/70/80s, I think this will be fun to use (except for Mittengrad). I love my LTP, and it handles extremely similarly to the T-70, so I expect this to be a tier II version

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rita, I got an unfairly placed ban on my account and won’t be able to log in to get the tank, can you help? What is an email I can teach you at?

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      “Never look a gift horse in the mouth” is a very old and widely spread expression. I don’t think there’s many cultures on the northern hemisphere that don’t have a variant on it.

  4. yeah, a tier 2 Soviet light tank is better in almost every important aspect than the tier 3 German (Hungarian) Toldi III. Why am I not suprised… Russian bias and compensation everywhere…

    1. Nya-chan Production says:

      Dunno, man, I’d bet on Tolid in 1v1. The advantage T-45 has in the gun stats is really tiny and Toldi’s better mobility, depression and pen will probably prevail every time considering it has more HP.

    2. димо says:

      actually Toldi III in wot is not Toldi III irl – its Toldi 1, with what is supposed to be the gun of Toldi III, but heavily nerfed… uhm you are so bright wg…

    1. Anonymous says:

      The only one i sold was the Panzer IId because i simply didn´t like it in any way.
      On the other hand, i nearly never play most of the gifted tanks cause they are…simply boring.

  5. Anonymous says:

    For normal i don´t complain about presents, but ALWAYS light tanks? Why not a small TD, Arty or Medium just for diversity?

      1. Anonymous says:

        You are right. But makes at last no difference as it´s still a low dpm bugger versus all these machinegun tanks on this tier and you will see too much mittengard in it. I like presents, but again it seems to be just a garage slot as wargaming has no intuition to give something interesting away. A T-60 clone in boring. :-/

      1. 0natvar0 says:

        Well on fact i dis gérer ut but i sold it and i’m right now debating with à staff member to ge tôt back but the shitty 2 month rule is very annoying and stupid…

  6. Steve SEA says:

    Why does every gift tank have to suck ass? why not a gift that was something more than a place to part another tank; maybe something you would use???? crazy thought I know..

    1. димо says:

      why gift tanks suck ass? because of the heavily nerfed post-soviet brains of most of the developers…their whole game sucks of course, they only want to draw money from your pocket and don`t give a damn for palyers joy, when give something for free they usually want you to suffer from it

  7. димо says:

    uh, not another poor dpm junk , with 3.6 sec reload time this will be like russian toldi , these two should reload a whole second faster, otherwise they are disgusting to play

  8. Ofcourse it’s Soviet and tier 2 and a light tank and probably mehh and probably a free garage slot.

    Anything else? no more tier 8 marathons, no more gold compensation. Lame weekend specials. Ugghh.

  9. димо says:

    wargaming why your management of this game is so inreasonable – why create this underpowered fantasy-fabricated clone, instead of some historically existing model of some other faction than ussr

    and why dont give toldi III one second better reload time, to be at least mediocre machine
    why not give pz II D and grosstractor prefferential match-making, because they strongly sucks right now…please be reasonable wg or wont buy any of your products anymore

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