T-45 Official Screenshots

*Edit* Replaced for the best renders available, provided by WG.


Bit of a warning, received an avalanche of emails since yesterday, will make sure to catch up with you but it may take some time.

Also, have official screenshots of the upcoming tier II Soviet LT T-45:

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T-45 Official Screenshots

26 thoughts on “T-45 Official Screenshots

    1. Anonymous says:

      no, I mean SU-45, the SPG on T-60 chassis, good implementation for ASU-57 & ASU-76(not 85) right? leading to ASU-85..

      there are other post-war turreted TD’s from USSR, like SU-100P, SU-152P and even SU-152 Taran

    1. Skyf24 says:

      Same. At least this thing is new. Also woulda been fine with the object 244 considering i was one of the 5 year old players.

      1. pixywing says:

        A new tier 2/3 would have been great, giving players a tank they were given 2 years ago is super lazy.

  1. In the 1930’s and early 40’s light tanks were often infantry support tanks. Most of the early Soviet/French lights were intended to be used to support infantry, hence they were slow and had decent armour.

  2. People often talk about “Russian Bias” in the WoT tech trees and they’ll be talking about tanks like the IS-3. They don’t realise that of all the tanks that are in WoT the early Russian vehicles are amongst the most flattered. When the Germans invaded Soviet territory in 1941 they destroyed a huge number of Red Army tanks which, on paper, had characteristics which weren’t significantly inferior to the Panzers. They even defeated T-34s and KV tanks, which were stronger tanks. Poorly organised units, poor leadership at a tactical level and badly trained crews all contributed to the one sided nature of armoured warfare at that stage of the war. The biggest problem of all was a lack of radios.
    In WoT the presence of radios in low tier Russian tanks is universal. In reality it was very rare for any Soviet tank to have a radio before 1943 when American made sets started to be installed. From then on the Soviet Tank Army became a real force that would take the victors to Berlin.
    Imagine playing WoT with no minimap and only being able to see enemy vehicles within your own view range. That would be the reality for this little tank.

    1. sniperexe says:

      That is true, but they had to balance low tiers so they can even be playable. When I personally use the term “Russian Bias” I refer more to the Rng russian tanks get, it seems they get more no-damage hits (or no hits at all) and more “impossible” hits when they shoot with lock than any other nation for “some reason”.

  3. Hunter_Steel says:

    Why on this blue and beautiful planet do we have this ugly monstrosity?
    There’s a lot of Ugly tanks but this thing is in the top 5. With the ugliest being Churchill GC and the second ugliest is the Lee, both are ugly in HD too.

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