T-45: Updated Stats, Model/Armor Screenshots


This little bugger, T-45, appeared very recently but already some of its stats have been changed in the latest iteration of 9.15’s Supertest, updated and gathered the info for you:

For more HD screenshots.


Modernized version of the T-60. The difference from the original version was in the improved turret armor and the installation of the 45mm 1938 pattern gun paired with a DT machinegun. The vehicle was however declared obsolete in June 1942 after comparative trials with the T-70 and it was never mass-produced. The prototype was sent to the front.


Tier: 2 MT
Hitpoints: 140
Engine: 85 hp
Weight: 6.8 tons
Power-to-weight: 12,5 hp/t
Maximum speed: 41/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 52 deg/s
Turret traverse: 34 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,2/2,1
Viewrange: 300
Radio range: 300

Hull armor: 25/15/25
Turret armor: 35/35/35

Gun: 45 mm 20K(L)
Damage: 47/47/62
Penetration: 51/84/23
ROF: 16.67
DPM: 783.49
Reload: 3,6
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 2,4
Depression: -6/+20

Crew: 2(Commander -Doesn’t only command but will perform, Gunner, Radio and Loader duties- and Driver)

Model and Armor:



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