T-45: Updated Stats, Model/Armor Screenshots


This little bugger, T-45, appeared very recently but already some of its stats have been changed in the latest iteration of 9.15’s Supertest, updated and gathered the info for you:

For more HD screenshots.


Modernized version of the T-60. The difference from the original version was in the improved turret armor and the installation of the 45mm 1938 pattern gun paired with a DT machinegun. The vehicle was however declared obsolete in June 1942 after comparative trials with the T-70 and it was never mass-produced. The prototype was sent to the front.


Tier: 2 MT
Hitpoints: 140
Engine: 85 hp
Weight: 6.8 tons
Power-to-weight: 12,5 hp/t
Maximum speed: 41/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 52 deg/s
Turret traverse: 34 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,1/1,2/2,1
Viewrange: 300
Radio range: 300

Hull armor: 25/15/25
Turret armor: 35/35/35

Gun: 45 mm 20K(L)
Damage: 47/47/62
Penetration: 51/84/23
ROF: 16.67
DPM: 783.49
Reload: 3,6
Accuracy: 0,4
Aimtime: 2,4
Depression: -6/+20

Crew: 2(Commander -Doesn’t only command but will perform, Gunner, Radio and Loader duties- and Driver)

Model and Armor:



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T-45: Updated Stats, Model/Armor Screenshots

42 thoughts on “T-45: Updated Stats, Model/Armor Screenshots

  1. SlayerBR says:

    and thats maybe our next anniversary reward =P, at least if this becomes a reward, its much better than the others

  2. svalsbard says:

    I wonder what it was like for some crew to get told, “here, drive this obsolete, unique tank on the front lines.” Only in Russia.

    1. rapikol says:

      Best tactics Stalin approved, send unique tank to the battle so the enemy gonna be unprepared for fighting such thing. Also don’t forget the conscripts

      1. SMGJohn says:

        I am sure you first world spoiled kids do not understand the concept of war.
        Even the Germans sent out every damn prototype they had in store, they would have rolled out the Maus too if it did not fail so miserably.

        The only prototypes that did not see combat were those with hilariously shitty reliability

    2. Anonymous says:

      Well, it’s better than being told ” here have some ammo and follow your comrade whit a rifle” the guns and the armor of an obsolete tank still work like a new tank, they might not be as effective but it’s better than nothing.

    1. Gkirmathal says:

      Indeed! Saw this and immediately thought about the Toldi as well. The dpm nerf to 738 is just…well plain ridiculous.

      1. Françus Samuel says:

        The sad thing is that it still has more DPM and armor than the Toldi ^^’

        It should still be a FAR better tank.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another russian tank. How about some more french. For the time France has been in the game they are lacking in tanks. Why not do that AMR P103 that never happened as a gift tank or the Panzerjäger R35?

      1. Anonymous says:

        I don’t think the French super heavies would be gift tanks but I am all for having them in game. I have an unhealthy love for French tanks

      1. dimo says:

        better late, than never… but still too late tough

        and i still wait to see that odd looking early designs such as T-35 soviet heavy, the UK A1E1 Independent, german Neubaufahrzeug, french Char 2C , i just like Interwar tanks so much

  4. Anlushac11 says:

    The stats are reduced from what was previously shown and are more in line with a tier 2 tank.

    Im confused as to why this is a T-45 and not a T-60 model 1942?

  5. Gkirmathal says:

    What I really, really want to know is: what was the balancing teams thought behind this decision to nerf the DPM to such an extreme low nr?

  6. Jack Kenyon says:

    The armour on this is actually decent enough to stop the Panzer II J spam that follows these free tanks being added, it’s really well sloped on the front and the turret is decent too. Even the 44pen APCR from Panzer IIJ will age trouble penning it, maybe there’s new to this than people are seeing.

  7. SMGJohn says:

    Give free tank, wait 5 months for everyone to completely sell it, buff it like mad and then sell it in really re(censor)tardedly expensive bundles that no one wants but rich Arab kids who get oil from friendly neighbourhood Muslims with black flags and yell Aloha Snackbar faster than this damn tank can fire its gun

  8. Typical WG BS. Gift tanks suck…unless they are Soviet in which case they will be keepers. This thing is tier 2 and outclasses Tier 3 Toldi III in almost every category. Even has better pen, better alpha damage, better reload, better dps, Tier 2 Panzer IID cant even compete with this tank at same teir.

  9. Tommy_Gun says:

    Omg… This tank should bo on tier 3…
    I remember how it always is,when players receive new, free tank… mm is like.. OMG, give me something else.. i cant… 😛

    And than you have 15 vs 15 of the same…. 🙁

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