T-50-2 is Back in Supertest

The tiny Terror is back as a tier 6 premium Light Tank. We have Pictures of the textureless model and a Russian Screen shot of the stats screen ( with our English overlay ). For those that can read Russian there is the original screen cap.



Original Russian images from WoT Express.


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T-50-2 is Back in Supertest

19 thoughts on “T-50-2 is Back in Supertest

      1. Based on what assumption? Almost all regions have been somewhat steady for some months now and some are even growing slightly. And even *if* you ignore that, a total concurrent playerbase of close to 3.7 million players (RU: 2.700.000, EU: 750.000, US: 142.000, SEA: 99.000, measured at the beginning of September) is nowhere near ‘dying’…

      2. The game isn’t dying. It’s just no longer appreciably growing. The new players coming in is roughly equal to the number of old players leaving.

        It’s no longer a growth market (although there is still a lot of potential for growth if WG can figure out how to actually make use of that potential). Rather than focusing on selling things to new players, WG is now focusing more on getting their existing players to buy more stuff.

    1. wheeledtank says:

      Jon just said that Historical Accuracy isn’t a thing anymore (which, to be fair, hasn’t been a thing for a long time).
      Don’t see how that instantly means the game is completely bad (that’s the mechanic’s fault :v)

  1. Good luck with that weak under power T5 Gun on it! in WOT nowadays its all about damage and more damage then more damage

    you get fuck all for active Scouting in WOT no matter what the WG dev’s try to pretend otherwise
    and lets not forget very few Maps in WOT are any use for ‘Scouting’
    and a lot of Maps are small LT’s need bigger Maps to do there role as ‘Scouting’

    Light Tanks in WOT are just fast small MT’s with -1 Tier ‘stock” Guns on them,

    1. alasfoor says:

      The t-50-2 will be perfect for SH, and don’t forget that this tank used to face tier 10s in the past with the same gun and stats.

      1. Frédéric Secret says:

        yeah but it was before the massive huge precision buff in 8.6..now it will die just faster than the other lights.

      2. Precision buff? You’re also forgetting the decreased chances to hit center bullseye they did twice. I see light tanks swerving all over and people not hitting them all the time. A lot of people are still relying on from the hip shots.

      3. Anonymous says:

        You are forgetting that the precision was then nerfed in 9.6. True that nerf was for “unaimed” shots and didn’t touch “fully aimed” shots… but almost no shots are fully aimed. Any slight movement of the turret will result in RNG using the less accurate “unaimed” shot distribution.

        If the reticle is not at the absolute minimum limit, it’s not a “fully aimed” shot.


        “Making armor more relevant.”

      4. I didn’t know about the aiming changes in 8.6 – that’s a few months before my time. But I found the announcement from 2013 where WG described the changes.


        If you read carefully, WG stopped limiting shots at 1.3 sigma (the edge of the pre-8.6 aiming circle), and increased the aiming circle from 1.3 sigma to 2 sigma. This was done to reduce the number of rounds that land at the edge of the aiming circle. The announcement doesn’t say anything about changing sigma values to actually make the guns more accurate.

        Aiming circle: 1.3 sigma -> 2 sigma

        It’s a psychological buff. Your fully aimed aiming circle becomes 50% larger, so you think more shots are landing near the center. The gun dispersion values (except for artillery) were never touched and remained constant at 2 standard deviations.

        If you check the history in the WoT Wiki, you can clearly see that the listed gun dispersion values in WoT have been 2 standard deviations since well before the 8.6 aiming changes. I worked back to May 2012 (patch 7.2) and figured that was far enough.


        You’re looking for line 662.

      5. A slight addendum:


        First, according to WoT the post-8.6 aiming circle is 2 sigma, not 3. Second, the author assumes that “each [new] Standard Deviation is 2/3rds the size of the old ones [sic]”. Based on what I can find, the changes were to the aiming circle and dispersion cap, not to the value of 1 sigma.

        Now, the author notes that, “Calculating it out, in 8.5, the average shot misses by 0.707 Standard Deviations, while those in 8.6 will miss, on average, by 0.79712 Standard Deviations.” This is entirely correct, however because the author assumed that the value of 1 sigma would change, his conclusions were wrong. Rather than making guns more accurate, 8.6 resulted in guns becoming roughly 13% LESS accurate.

        The sigma values (dispersion at 100 meters = 2 sigma) of the guns did not change. The average distance a shot lands from the aiming point did.

        Except artillery. Artillery also had their gun dispersion increased. Cute way to slip in a little secondary nerf and pass it off as a buff, WG.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Big shocker the tank that WG said would never come back into the game… is back. How can you tell when WG is lying? anytime their mouth is moving.

  3. Mikosah says:

    What we have here is a very mediocre light tank. Unfortunately the meta is just so different from how it was for the old version of the T-50-2 that recreating the same gameplay may be outright impossible.

    That said, if they make all light tanks resistant to tipping and fall damage then that would be a step in the right direction. Then they could give the T-50-2 its old top speed and hull traverse values and it may actually get to use them.

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