T-50-2 Supertest Pt,II

This Tier 6 premium LT has had some balance changes for the second round of testing.

Changes from first Iteration.

– Power from 480 to 550;
– Specific power from 30 to 34.38 hp/tonne;
– Hull traverse speed from 38 to 45;
– Aiming circle spread on hull max speed traversing from 4.37 to 5.18.


For fuller stats we have our Anglicized screen shots for second and first tests.

Original images WoT Express.

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T-50-2 Supertest Pt,II

16 thoughts on “T-50-2 Supertest Pt,II

  1. Mikosah says:

    Progress. Still I have to ask why they nerfed the max spread though. Also whether or not the mobility gets penalized by other factors like stock engine modifiers as was done to the T92.

  2. No More Money To WG. says:

    The speed has a limit in game at 80 kph i think, still its old speed was 79kph…so lets have it back…but i guess there will be speed up the French wheeled once in game i think so they save that advantage for them. but its a classic WG manouvre to redraw a perfect tank and then relese it as premium…just check Lorr, 40t, with more. Money talks and nothing else matters….the playabillity and MM is just on 5th place and dont bring money so they acctualy dont fucking care…

  3. Bob says:

    I have a simple statement to make. Fuck you Wargaming you double dealing sacks of shit. You took this tank away from us years ago, it was loved by everyone, and you are bringing it back for cash money? Fuck off.

      1. MarcelDavis says:

        The ability to afford this tank is completely beside the point. (also pls. stop assuming stuff in order to belittle others). It’s about Wargaming taking away tanks from the players and reintroducing them for cash. Instead of replacing it with the Mt 25 they could have simply nerfed it but they didn’t because the T 50-2 is very popular and will sell well. Same story with the Pz. IV Schmalturm.

      1. Thagomizer says:

        I so hope so. The 50-2 was my favourite tank and the MT-25 was a particularly poor replacement. If I can get it back for free, and it has about the same mobility, I’ll be happy. I’m not too fussed about the gun as (under old scout MM rules) I often went up against tier 10s in it.

    1. eldrak says:

      It was definitely not loved by everyone when it was introduced due to it being broken.

      Back then it could active scout by driving in the open in front of the whole enemy team due to being very hard to detrack.

      1. Still, I fakkin’ hate that gun for some reason, because it fires so fast I overcommit too much… Just give me alpha with a 5-6 second reload, I have the same feeling with the Cromwell, I overcommit because it fires so fast.

      2. Mikosah says:

        Even so, the base DPM is only 1.7k or so. For a tier 5 tank fighting tier 10s, this was acceptable on the grounds that you aren’t areal combatant, you’re just the observer. But since dedicated scouting no longer exists and the other stats remain mediocre, a few hundred more base DPM wouldn’t break the game. Nor would 10-20m more view range.

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