T26E3 Eagle 7

Good day everyone,

New premium in the works. A Pershing reskin, but based on an actual historical tanks. This particular Pershing took part in Operation Zebra: The combat testing of the pre series Pershings in Europe. This particular tank, commanded by Sergeant Earley, is famous for dueling and destroying a Panther tank that had already knocked out a couple of Sherman tanks on the streets of Cologne, Germany:



For those interested in the mentioned Cologne engagement, he is some footage and a handy breakdown:



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T26E3 Eagle 7

28 thoughts on “T26E3 Eagle 7

      1. LewdPrincess says:

        Klondike or The Ridge most likely.
        It’s hard to tell from close ups like that so I’m not 100% sure.

      2. LewdPrincess says:

        This is what I think it might be.. there’s been no word since 2016 so it’s definitely a possibility they are showcasing it sneakily.

      1. Avalon304 says:

        Yes, 172mm of penetration is enough to face tier 8 heavies, provided you dont face check them in your tier 7 medium.

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      T20 has 160mm of penetration and is considered to be one of the best tier 7 mediums. 173 is on the higher end, Panther being the exception.

    2. Avalon304 says:

      The T20 has 160mm of penetration… and its really good tank. 172mm of penetration is perfectly fine for Tier 7 meds.

      Seriosuly… people complain about WG releasing OP tanks and then the moment they announce a balanced premium people scream they arent going to buy it.

      1. OrigamiChik3n says:

        I for one am not going to buy it. But for a different reason – I no longer think that giving money to company that ignores both the teething issues and player base that is reporting it is such a good idea. That being said do we know for sure this is going to be premium shop item and not the reward for some sort of event like T25 Pilot was?

      2. Avalon304 says:

        The thought right now is that it’ll be a premium that gets released during Gamescom at the end of August, given that Gamescom takes place in Cologne, Germany where this Pershing fought its battle with the Panther.

  1. GamingW/War says:

    In essence a sellable T23E3 with better pen and “better armor lay out” or a *cough* stock Pershing at tier 7.
    GG WG GG. Thanks for another permium, really needed it. Excuse me while I stay at tier 9 and 10 because of broken mm.

  2. wolvenworks says:

    The Eagle has landed.

    bet the console guys are gonna slap an eagle-US-themed camo on it, even more gaudy than the patriot, and call it…..THE MINUTEME-no wait they used that already? fine, we’ll settle with Washington or Eagle

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just bought a 3D printer and im having a great time with it . I own 68 premiums in WOT and most are utter trash with the 3/5/7 so ill give it a miss till WG sorts itself out.
    It’s nice to actually enjoy the item i just spent cash on.

  4. Hey I know this isn’t the place for this but thought I could maybe get your guys attention on an issue with WOT console taking back paid content from customers and was hoping you guys could shine more light on it. About a year ago they sold the Bogatyr tier 5 Russain heavy tank and it came with 100 x2 crew XP and silver ops. The explicitly told us in the forums they would never expire. Now they have randomly slapped a 30 day use them or lose them timer on them. Here’s a link to their sorry excuse they gave me to a ticket I dropped https://imgur.com/gallery/c4A4Tl7

    1. DecoNoir says:

      Hello there,

      I’ve actually been made aware of this by some of our console players on the RSR Discord and am taking a look into it now.

  5. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    Anyone ready for the Console version of this with a bald eagle skin on it and seeing as it’s a reskin they will be able to sell it again in the future with the word “NEW” on it as well

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