T26E3 Supertest Stats

Good day everyone,

Quick stat post on a new American premium medium tank. Not to be confused with the T23E3 that is also a Tier 7 and pretty similar in looks.

T23E6 Stats

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T26E3 Supertest Stats

8 thoughts on “T26E3 Supertest Stats

  1. Anonymous says:

    So nice of them to include the my little pony decal on front. Now I’m starting to understand the WG team behind the premiums.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Idk what’s p2w about this one. If u’re gonna call premiums that then explain how u came to that conclusion from the stats b/c from what I’m seeing it’s a waste of time and money.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        It’s pretty clear to anyone with any clue about the game, but sure, I’ll spoonfeed you.
        First protip: it’s for all intents and purposes a stock Pershing at tier 7.
        It has the best gun (including 10 degrees of gun depression) and armor out of all tier 7 mediums and its mobility is far from crippling.
        Tier 7 premiums are almost always a waste of money, but that’s the overall balance and MM problems, not the tank’s.

      2. wolvenworks says:

        following the logic that that AP pen is ridiculous, and that you have to pay for APCR to actually do something, his logic makes sense to me that it’s kinda P2W, in the sense that you have to shell out cash to actually win with this tank

  2. wolvenworks says:

    so it’s a super pershing minus boiler plates.

    as a collector, i’d feel offended if i have to BUY this. i’d feel equally offended if i have to play with this. and worst of all, i STILL feel offended that WG balances/creates tanks with gold shell play in mind.

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