T26E5- 9.16 Updated Stats


Seems that between 9.16 and the micropatches that the T26E5 Premium heavy tank has been added to the game files. These are the new stats:

HP: 1500

Engine Power: 704 (Up from 500)

Weight: 46.402 tons

Power to Weight: 15.17

Max Speed: 40.2kph (for.)/ 15kph (rev.)

Hull Traverse: 30°sec

Turret Traverse: 26.1°sec

Terrain Resistances: 1,151/1,342/2,589

View Range: 390m

Radio Range: 776.9

Hull Armor: 152.4/76.2/50.8mm

Turret Armor: 190.5/101.6/127mm


90Mm T7E1 (changed from 90mm M3A1)

Damage: 240/240/320

Penetration: 230/259/45mm

Rate of Fire: 8.69 (changed from 8.126)

DPM: 2085.7 (up from 1953)

Reload: 6.904s (from 7.384s)

Accuracy: 0.364

Aim Time: 2.21

Elevation/Depression: +20°/-10°

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T26E5- 9.16 Updated Stats

28 thoughts on “T26E5- 9.16 Updated Stats

    1. Better dpm than most tier 8 mediums, outstanding penetration compare to the poulty 190 pen and 200 pen on the pershing and T32 respectively, pershing power to weight limited to a 40 top speed which is much better than the T32, I could see this tank appearing in tier 8 team battles since the pershing was relegated as useless. Probably better than a T32 since it can do dmg more reliably and can counter tier 9 and 10 armor much better than a T32. The only let down is that it does have the pershing turret which means it has to use its mobillity, interesting tank, it will certainly add a fun new support tank to the game but I wonder if the penetration might be a bit too much? Caernarvon, Tiger II, and VK45.02A turrets were buttery enough as is, and the 110’s hull armor will need mountains of luck to bounce a shot. I think its release will be a nerf to these fairly under armored tanks.

    2. Mikosah says:

      As the other guy says, but the gun puts all but a couple tier 8 mediums to complete shame. And the mobility isn’t that terrible any more. This is still no IS-3, but it seems workable.

  1. Looking decent now. Possibly a good tank to replace T32 or Pershing at tier 8 if you can’t get them.
    Although…..190mm turret front? Easy pen for tier 8 guns or is the mantlet over that….

    1. I think it’s pretty much like driving a stock T32’s turret and 90 but firing apcr standard so it has that increased pen. It will probably be more mobile than a fully upgraded T32 but if you can handle the stock tank firing gold rounds, I think you’ll fancy buying this new premium in its current state.

      1. Jurrunio says:

        Stock T32 turret? That huge hole behind the mantlet is big enough to let a full-sized coffin to pass through…. but T26E5 seems to have some turret protection.

    1. Mark Bevis says:

      The M26E5 Pershing was a real tank, they built about 25 of them in 1945. Think of it as a Jumbo Pershing, in the same way the Jumbo Sherman was a heavily armoured version of the bog standard Sherman. THe M26E5 only ever had the 90mm M3 gun though. The mantlet was 275mm thick by the way.

      1. Adrian Paredes says:

        By the way the prefix M was used for vehicles adopted for service “Model number” like the M26 or M103, all the prototypes were named T “Test” like the T26e4, T57 or all the fictional variants of the T110.

        The M26 pershing was the Prototype T26e3 rushed into service while this one the T26e5 just remained as prototype and wasnt adopted for service nor saw combat

  2. Anonymous says:

    It has better rof than panther II, and it has armor. How the fuck can this be a premium tenk? It has more alpha and pen than the caernarvon and plenty more dpm…wtf is WG doing with these super-premiums these days? And 150mm frontal armo at that slope, is even better than tiger II for fuck sake.

  3. whitesample says:

    230pen… ummm, so whats the point of the lowe?
    As I said: Wait for the terrain resistances to be revealed so you see the “actual” speed of the tank.

    1. SCARed says:

      well, the T26E5 will almost certainly use APCR as standard ammo, so the 230 mm pen are more comparable to 220-225mm AP-pen due to the lower normalization.

      plus you get only 259mm pen with prem-ammo (most likely HEAT, I guess). this is roughly comparable to the APCR of the IS-3 (265mm APCR-pene – still better because HEAT does not het normalization at all) and inferior to like Tiger II’s 10,5 L/68 APCR with 285mm.


    1. for those who still complain the in-game T26E4 Pershing isn’t performing how it was expected to be just think of it like this, the only common point between the T26E4 and the famous “Super Pershing” (the one from the photo with the extra armor) is the gun since the only one that received the extra armor was the test-pilot for the T26E4 configuration, it was in fact a T26E1-1 (the “-1” meaning it was pilot #1), since the rest of the Super Pershing (T26E4) were never sent to europe and didn’t have the extra armor welded into them

      of course the real reason the T26E4 does perform that well is because all american 90mm guns are nerfed in-game for balance purposes, as it has been denounced several times from SilentStalker to even The_Chieftain

    2. nah, im not complain about T26E4 perform, im just dont like how WG buff every american 90mm gun AP shell except for T26. Heck, even M46 Ripper with 90mm M3 have much higher AP pen than T26E4 (with 90mm T7).

  4. Psychopatton says:

    Hope this is good news for the T95E2. Which still have not received the premium income.. At this point it’s not much of an reward.

  5. seems like there’s no more chance of the american medium line being divided into 3 different lines (armor, mobility, autoloader/sniper lines) since the T26E5 would be ideal at tier 9 leading to the M48 Patton at tier 10

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