T26E5- 9.16 Updated Stats


Seems that between 9.16 and the micropatches that the T26E5 Premium heavy tank has been added to the game files. These are the new stats:

HP: 1500

Engine Power: 704 (Up from 500)

Weight: 46.402 tons

Power to Weight: 15.17

Max Speed: 40.2kph (for.)/ 15kph (rev.)

Hull Traverse: 30°sec

Turret Traverse: 26.1°sec

Terrain Resistances: 1,151/1,342/2,589

View Range: 390m

Radio Range: 776.9

Hull Armor: 152.4/76.2/50.8mm

Turret Armor: 190.5/101.6/127mm


90Mm T7E1 (changed from 90mm M3A1)

Damage: 240/240/320

Penetration: 230/259/45mm

Rate of Fire: 8.69 (changed from 8.126)

DPM: 2085.7 (up from 1953)

Reload: 6.904s (from 7.384s)

Accuracy: 0.364

Aim Time: 2.21

Elevation/Depression: +20°/-10°

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