T26E5 Patriot swap

Wargaming Support announcement.

With the recent arrival of the T26E5 without a special camouflage to our premium store, we have decided to enable possibility of the exceptional swap of the T26E5 Patriot to the non-camouflaged version.

While in general premium tanks cannot be swapped, as explained in this article, since we never offered a non-camouflaged version on the EU server, we have decided to offer this option for those, who find the regular version more appealing.

Conditions of the swap:

  • Used T26E5 Patriot can be swapped, no matter how many battles were played
  • T26E5 Patriot needs to be purchased before non-camouflaged version became available
  • Swap is possible only one way (T26E5 Patriot -> T26E5)
  • Swap canโ€™t be reversed
  • During the swap, tank (T26E5 Patriot) must not be used

Other important information:

  • T26E5 Patriot statistics will stay in your Service Record
  • Equipment and consumables will be moved to the depot and crew to the barracks (temporary bunks, if there are no free ones)

While we do our best, to process the requests as soon as possible, swap process might take up to couple days after the confirmation about the process is provided. Therefore we would like to ask you for a bit of patience.

Your Wargaming Support Team

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T26E5 Patriot swap

34 thoughts on “T26E5 Patriot swap

  1. Lotto says:

    So how do I proceed if I want to exchange?
    No instructions on how this done – what astupid announcement by WG…..

  2. lafie says:

    Although I like the tank, that paint scheme was a bit much for me.

    Asked for a trade and it was no trouble what so ever, just took WG a few days due to the sheer load on the trouble ticket (the only way I could find to request a one)

    Didn’t even take 24 hours after they read the ticket.

  3. cuminyomouthvegan says:

    +1, good move WG! You forced this o-mouthed “fake news” turd on your community and best course of action is to revert the damage done! Hopefully you’ll avoid this mistake next time and offer both options to your paying customers from the start! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. cuminyomouthvegan says:

        When EU comes up in marketing bureau meetings their comedy team is very prone to wrong decisions.

      2. NA server was too lazy to delete the non-patriot version of the patriot from their store and code for release so they winged it. Goes to show, disobeying the norm can sometimes be a good thing.

  4. OpaKnobbi says:

    A really nice move from WG indeed!

    Hope, in the future there will always be the choice between the standard and ridiculous-paintjob-crap version from the beginning!

    And what would be even better:
    Standard versions of prems that till date have never been offered as such! Looking especially at the Skorpion G or the Mutz here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If there was the opportunity to swap my Mutz to a standard version that can use the regular camouflages I would immediately do so… AND i would really consider to buy the Skorpion! I really like that one, but this totally stupid red Skorpion on a lame desert camo… Just no.

  5. Here is a better idea, how about a used tank market? Players can offer up premium tanks they don’t want any more in exchange for a different premium tank or maybe even credits or gold.

  6. GamingW/War says:

    I’m confused. Why would you buy it if you don’t like the paint job? This would have been avoided if they just made it a premium camo that you could apply to the tank.

    1. kilux says:

      If they had made the normal T26E5 available from the start (like on NA I think which is quite ironic …) I guess nearly nobody would have purchased the Patriot. I did and did not regret it because it is a OP … I mean … a good tank. But when it was announced you can change the tank for free I wasted no time contacting support ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Robigo991 says:

    So how do you swap to the normal version? Do you have to write a ticket and ask for it? Thx for clarfying! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Valkyros says:

    I dream about the day i can swap my is6 for the defender my fcm50t for the liberte the t34 for the patriot and the jt88 for the skorpion…everyone has the right to dream right?

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