T28 & T25 AT HD Armor Changes

Good day everybody,

Title is pretty self-explanatory, so lets take a look at what we have:

T25 AT




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T28 & T25 AT HD Armor Changes

16 thoughts on “T28 & T25 AT HD Armor Changes

    1. Go skim through the original 9.21 HD model article. Someone in the comments posted a photo of an old wooden model of one T28 design proposal that used this layout. That’s already more historically accurate than the imaginary piece of trash currently in your garage.

  1. The armour of the T28 isn’t to far off from what I expected.

    Only the LGP is different then expected, but that was to give tier 6s and 7s, and some 8s I suppose, a chance to damage it when they meet one head on. Though it’s not very hard to hide that’s for sure.

    Still, not a bad armour buff at all.

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