T34 Black Wallpapers


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T34 Black Wallpapers

9 thoughts on “T34 Black Wallpapers

  1. Maxxonite says:

    Only paintwork is diffrent to a orginal crappy tank, omfg, still more to pay ??

    Exactly, even when you think WG hit the rockbottom, they will surprise all and find a new level of stupidity, the marketing departement must be focked and a reshapen the view of the gamerfocus in the company, or they will hit the ground faster than the Hindenbourg did…
    there is a way to express a simple economical tactic with in a company:
    It will cost 5 $ to gain a customer,
    it will cost 1 $ to keep him,
    but it will cost 25$ to loose him

    simple WG, just keep please the Gamerz = Customer happy, not try to rip them or scam them or u will loose them within a blink of an eye.


    1. betterdead thanred says:

      totally agree m8, loyal customers feels screwed over by WG.
      really think its high time they changed their business modell, market is over-saturated with premium tanks.
      WG needs money to function like all companies do. and they are relying on single purchase of gold/tanks etc. which can be a hit and miss. this tank is a miss, and they will be more desperate for more cash. since they have pumped out so many good premium tanks the last year, i wonder if they are running out of cash?
      WOT players/community is AFAIK not increasing wildly. and those that want a premium tank, would have bought one or more by now.
      with this business model, they are pumping out more premium tanks to those who collect or in small cases need them.
      New business model is required!

  2. Amrael87 says:

    T34 B could’ve been a decent deal IF unbundled and for the same price of a regular T34 or, better yet, discounted since it was a Black Friday offer.

    Well, at least the wallpaper is free and looks cool.

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