T34/T34 B Camo Values Comparison

A comparisson of the camouflage values between a standard T34, T34 with camouflage applied, and the new T34 B (apparently there was quite a bit of confusion on the matter):

The coefficients for the different variants of camouflage T34

T34 without camouflage:
– Camo value for stationary vehicle: 3.93 / 0.71
– Camo value for moving vehicle: 1.94 / 0.35

T34 with camouflage:
– Camo value for stationary vehicle: 5.93 / 1.07
– Camo value for moving vehicle: 3.94 / 0.71

T34 Black:
– Camo value for stationary vehicle: 5.07 / 0.91
– Camo value for moving vehicle: 3.08 / 0.55

With a few screenshots:

From the lads at Dom1n


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T34/T34 B Camo Values Comparison

26 thoughts on “T34/T34 B Camo Values Comparison

  1. димо says:

    is there any way to prove these are the real ingame de-facto values? what about T-34 Black witch camo net and/or 100% crew camo skill and all other extras? OP in the way of RNG camo values?

    does it means that dull potential of T34 Black is to move 10 meters in front of me without even see it?!?!?

    1. димо says:

      WG manager\marketing team, you scumbag sons of oligarchs, you are people of a big greed and few talent , please be fired and live in poverty :/

      1. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        Lol wut

        The T34B camo is better than a “stock” T34 but worse than a T34 with camo. And in both cases it is crap camo because it’s a heavy tank.

        What the fuck are you talking about, if you dont see a tank 10m in front of you you might want to open your eyes when playing, that’ll help a lot. And also go to school someday, apparently you cant read decimal numbers between 0 and 10

      2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        Agreed. The incompetent Slavs need to be removed from their offices. To fill the empty seats, I suggest replacing them only with top 15% students who have graduated from the world’s top 25 universities. Furthermore, their degrees should have some relevance to the game, such as physics, mathematics, and computer science. Not only would we get fresh new faces but knowing that they graduated from the top 25 universities (e.g. California Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, Harvard, Cornell, University of Cambridge, ETH Zurich) ensures the highest base knowledge, problem-solving skills and determination.

    2. I’m not really sure what your question is, but I can confirm these numbers are valid. Just checked with the same crew and no equipment.

      Also, if you can’t spot a T34 at 10m, the problem is on your end…

      1. димо says:

        i dont literally meant 10 m. – it could be 30 or 50 m. – i mean a close distance (<100 m.) – it happened in 3 to 5 tier battles quite often

      1. apache1990 says:

        No, there’s a legitimate bug going on where sometimes a tank decides not to render. I haven’t seen it occur for an enemy tank yet, but once last week an allied IS near someone I was spectating disappeared from my screen after taking a hit (it hadn’t been destroyed yet). When it got hit again and died, the wreck appeared where it should have been.

      2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        Nope. As Apache1990 said, there IS a legitimate problem with the spotting mechanism. I have had multiple experiences where tanks with DIRECT line of sight (optic wasn’t damaged, either) would disappear for a few seconds and then reappear. Note: these enemies were NOT behind any cover and were driving TOWARD me.

      1. димо says:

        ok i wish this happens to you, as it happened to me, and it was not T34 B, but it happens sometimes, may not be 10 m. – i meant it figuratively – but those who know what i mean got the idea

      2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        Unless you have studied any medicine whatsoever, which I highly doubt, you have no idea what real paranoia is. Furthermore, it doesn’t take much to realize that the statement about 10 meters is too unreal and should be easily identified as an exaggeration in order to emphasize his point.

      3. SpeedyCraft51 says:

        If this problem is indeed a bug then it has nothing to do with camo values thus the rant is completely unjustified and the original comment is just someone trying (and failing) to find a reason to whine (and in this case there is no reason)

  2. Im sorry but a 0.93 difference when it’s as low as 5-6? Who actually cares?

    It probably doesnt seem that bad to me because the price of the T34 Shadow on SEA is less then 1$ more expensive then the regular T34 and you’re not buying gold for the camo like you would for the regular T34

  3. Renarde Martel says:

    It’s important to note that the camo value for these special tanks – not just T34 black, but also others like Skorpion, Mutz or M41 90 – appears to be entirely base camo rating of the vehicle itself. There is no ‘paint modifier’ present. In the case of T34 B, if you have full camo skill on your crew it will actually have a higher value, because vehicle camo gets modified by camo skill, but the paint bonus does not.

    I already mailed my findings (including math and numbers) to Rita this morning and spent some time arguing on forums about it. Got bored of it around the afternoon.

    1. димо says:

      i could somehow agree with your statement… WG use the flaws of their own system, created by themselves, to make it secretly pay-to-win… and i mean not only armour – once i had bounced twice in a row with my tier 7 soviet IS heavy tank on the armour of Scorpion (USA tier 7th Td) it was less than 250 m. on Overlord map!

      1. димо says:

        ok T34 B has only black camo, right? so its my mistake… but the last thing above is true, i say no lie, its pay-to-win to the core!!!

      2. Type 319 Sharpedo says:

        I agree with your statement. One evidence that WG is simply out there for our wallets is the conversion of gold rounds to being purchasable with silver credits. Having it gold-exclusive makes sense but it doesn’t make sense to make them purchasable via credits while retaining their full penetration values. If they really cared about “balance,” APCR would have lower damage values than AP whereas HEAT would do more damage in return for lower penetration values. This is one of the few areas large clans manipulate in order to artificially skew the battle results. I swear, these ex-communists still don’t understand the idea of a consumer-driven market.

    2. Dave says:

      So can you even apply camo to a T34 B and if so what happens to the camo values?? (Bet that’s a novel use of the test server)

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      From what I’ve seen, these ‘special skin’ tanks seem to have a base camo that is increased by an amount equal to roughly half the effect of a paintjob. Once you train camo skill the tanks will come out roughly equal because vehicle base camo gets improved by the skill (which practically doubles your rating when maxed) but the paint does not.

      M41 90 has 15,9% camo rating. As there is no unskinned M41 90 available the only really comparable tank is the tier 7 M41WB, which has exactly the same profile (duh, they’re the same tank with different guns) and that has 14,25%. T49 with top turret has a smaller profile and a better camo rating.

      With 100% camo skill, Vents and food consumable (the setup that I tested), M41 90 has 30,7% camo. M41 WB has 27,54%.
      Add camo to the M41 WB and it gains 3% flat increase. That puts it at 30,54, almost the same as M41 90.

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