T92 Screencaps inc Stats.

WoT HD renders some action shots and stat screens.

And finally Tank Inspector and in garage stats.

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T92 Screencaps inc Stats.

17 thoughts on “T92 Screencaps inc Stats.

  1. sefhyro says:

    ohhh look another premium tank… but wait you can get this one in war thunder has a regular tech tree tank, that can be bought whit ingame credits…what a suprise

      1. party1c says:

        looks like you never actually played warthunder. you sound like “mariocart is better than colin mcrae”

  2. Mikosah says:

    It compares well enough with the current M41 Bulldoge, which means it’ll be a complete mediocrity at best (pretty though it may be). For heaven’s sake WG, tier 8 tanks need more than 2k base DPM and 175/210 pen to be anywhere near respectable. And 400m view range is not impressive considering what you’ll be up against.

  3. DickHerMax says:

    Everyone is using Tank Inspector on their websites to check stats, but no one gave a flying F to write a post promoting this tool and the informing about the fact that it needs contributors because the project seems pretty dead. Even critical updates are kind of “workarounds”.

    1. Mizutayio says:

      Actually everyone is using Tanks.gg at this point, it can do what tanks.gg does, but you don’t need to log in and it can also do much more

  4. dino7777 says:

    I bought it!
    I played it!!
    I love it!!!

    The T92 is the best tank I ever played to circle heavies and TDs. (35hp per ton).
    Therefore the “missing” pen is irrelevant, as you can hit your enemies from side and rear.
    I hardly use gold ammo.

    I see it as one of the best light tanks in the game.
    At start you can scout actively, if tier X games more likely passively. (camo value of about 47%!!!).
    Than when you see a lonely heavy or TD, go for prey. This little beat is so agile that you out maneuver almost all big tanks.

    The main factor of this tank is: IT IS FUN TO PLAY!
    And isn’t that what we want when we play a game, have fun!!!

    1. Matthew Shine says:

      How much did WG pay you to spout all that crap?
      I’ve seen plenty of very good players fail in this thing, it’s awful.

      1. The first 20 games where shit for me too, but once you get the hang of it, its really fun autoaiming anything and hitting every shot, especially thin armored tanks. But you, you bounce the sides of tier 8-9 soviet heavies like no other tank, even for its pen…..

    2. I am a good player with (2425 wn8) a 58-62% wr and in all scouts i play, but i find it impossible to even trade shots with teir 7 scouts , god forbid i see a blackdog. The tank is unbalanced in a bad way , look @ what wg just did the the elc even 90 on test (gave it a 2.7 sec aimtime)
      Their balance department seems to be having the same dream you are having.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am a little above avarage
    About 1800
    Man I would love ❤️ to get a kind of paycheck from WG.
    I stick to my words
    T92 is fun
    So much more action than a trolling Defender

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