T95/Chieftain Screenshots and Stat Changes

Some small stat changes for the Tier X (possibly reward?) tank in supertest, and some screenshots:

  • Hull Front Armor: 114.3mm increased to 127mm
  • Gun Depression: Increased from 7 to 10 degrees
  • Some minor gun handling buffs


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T95/Chieftain Screenshots and Stat Changes

16 thoughts on “T95/Chieftain Screenshots and Stat Changes

    1. Anonymous says:

      U mean the wall of clan war reward tanks where only the top players will ever get them and the rest of us just have to deal with it?

      1. Anonymous says:

        Exactly, i want to be able to play these strange tanks without having to play cw religiously, i have a life outside tanks to deal with first!

      1. Razvan says:

        Oh please mate.. i played only 1 2 hours for 5 6 days and i get the cw tanks. stop crying . If you are good (+2k wn8) you’ll get in a good clan – > easy to get the rewards tanks.

        If not.. you don’t deserve it.

  1. James K says:

    well life isnt fair and hard work pays off… I have missed plenty of exclusive things in life (3 war zone deployments) and will miss many more but I am perfectly fine with this being a reward for those who put forth the time and effort…

    1. Anonymous says:

      It’s not the time and effort, there’s a monopoly on rewards. Unless u belong to certain clans, u can’t get the reward. What’s the point in trying real hard when u can’t get into those clans? And to make matters worse they’re all op compared to regular tier 10 tanks. So that’s the best players with some of the bets tier 10 tanks. That’s not how u grow a player base. That’s how u discourage anyone from trying. Oh and don’t bother with the whole generic comeback of, “u just gotta play better.” That’s been played out on Reddit for far too long and only makes urself sound moronic.

      1. James K says:

        So im just going to take a stab in the dark here you are a sub 50% player with similar stats… Guess if you are bad work to be better not complain how the good players win stuff that THEY EARNED… There is NO monopoly going on here. The players that are in the clans that WIN these tanks work hard to get them…. Also guess what most the players what WIN them are the top skill wise on the servers…. hmmm….

    2. hard work, yeah, sure, for (maybe) 5% of the guys that get it, WG should have learned by now with what happened with the T-22, back then it was just too obvious but there are still ways to cheat, if they are smart enough to do it
      the reality is that clan wars aren’t for all players, you can even forget about the fact that top clans dominate the scene which greatly reduces the pool of people who can actually get the reward tank, the fact is that many, many players simply do not have the time for clan wars, that does not make them less dedicated than anyone else it’s just the reality of life
      then there are those who just can’t work as a large group, they might still be good to platoon with others but not feel comfortable in larger groups, either way that does not mean they aren’t commited to the game

      you say hard work pays off, I won’t even mention how that is way too optimistic and the fact that reality often proves it wrong (wait, I just did) but I do agree that hard work is a good start to everything in life, wether that materializes into results or not is something completely different, but back on topic, if hard work pays off why shouldn’t everyone have the chance to gain they rights to receive all rewards? what difference is there in someone who works hard on Clan Wars and someone who works hard on everything else?

      in my opinion Clan Wars rewards have little reason to exist, to me it’s no differente from many others rewards since there’s no obvious goal towards to achieve it, on the other hand something like a reward from reaching Rank I of Ranked Battles does seem to me something worth of being exclusive because it rewards the hard work to reach Rank I while in Clan Wars any player can receive it wether he’s in the top clan or the clan placed 12th

      this is why I believe that CW rewards have no real reason to exist and should be available to everyone BUT require the hardest set of missions we have ever had in WoT, the type of mission that you cannot clear through grinding and have to actually put in the effort to clear it because the end result will still be only the guys that are better skilled or work the hardest can receive them wether or not you are in a strong clan, and let’s be honest and just admit that a strong clan can help a player to reach the reward even if their skill is just slightly below the level needed to get the reward on it’s own

      Of course this is just my personnal opinion, the opinion of someone who’s not even bothered by the many rewards WG gives away to all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons and that aren’t available to the rest of the players, because the truth is that what bothers me is not them introducing exclusive rewards but those who claim that only someone who “works hard” (in the game) can receive them simply because there are plenty of players as dedicated (or even more dedicated) who are simply in not position to receive them

      1. I see you dont know anything about ClanWars. Have a nice day mate.

        And btw, isnt it some kind of the hardest mission to improve your gameplay, to get into better clans, earn their trust, get into their CW-teams and earn this tank? Isnt this exactly what you wrote? Hm, think for yourself.

        For me atleast the VK72.01K was the reason to work on my gameplay. When I was a noob I saw that tank and was like “OMG I NEED THIS TANK, HOW DO I GET IT?!?” and after I heard you need to play CW etc, I didnt complained, I learned and worked. So finally I achieved to earn the VK, the M60, the 907, the T95E6, the IS-5, the T23E3 and the Chieftain/T95. It was my mission to get them, and I achieved that goal, like the Obj 260 for example. Its imho the same, only missions.

        Now I only need to get the 121B, the KV4 Kreslavski and this new tank I guess, this should be it with CW-rewards.

      2. And for everyone who doesnt know, the Chieftain/T95 is in the client for some time now, it was a T8 CW reward. Its a totally different tank than this T95/Chieftain.

    1. NoComment says:

      From what I’ve read its whats on top of the hull that was the main issue.

      i.e. A super accurate, good soft stats high dpm gun in a very good turret.

      As far as I know the official line is still …reasons.

      1. Mikosah says:

        If its anything like the Chieftain in AW then it could be balanced with very poor overall mobility, a big, weak lower plate and big, weak sides. Or -the horror- a cupola weakspot.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Again as far as I know the hull was pretty weak (at least lfp/sides) and mobility was average at best.

        I have no problem with either of those as the engine irl was awul and it needs to have vunrabilities. I wouldn’t mind a turret weakspot either as long as it is too huge and too easy to pen.

        Tbh I don’t really think it is a balancing issue that stops it being in game, otherwise they would have fixed it or released it as a bobject like tank for everyone to buy their way towards beore the nerf bat fell.

      3. NoComment says:

        I suspect it has more to do with either internal polotics or there is/was something comming that it is/was intended to be a part of.

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