T95/Chieftain HD Screenshots

*2x Updated* -See bellow-


these are the official HD screenshots of the T95/Chieftain:

Guys… stop… guys please calm down. This is not a Chieftain Mk.6!

*Also, about the discussion whether this is a new tank, not even the Russian sources are sure about it so I went to seek confirmation from my sources and indeed this is a new vehicle and a tier 10 (as it looks to be). Currently this is what the Devs created:

  • Chieftain Mk. 6 (Tier 10 HT: Chieftain hull, Chieftain turret & gun)
  • Chieftain / T95 (Tier 8 MT: Chieftain hull, T95 turret & gun)
  • T95 / Chieftain (Tier 10 MT: T95 hull, Chieftain turret & gun)

The one you see in these screenshots is the last one in the list.


More info:

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