T95/Chieftain HD Screenshots

*2x Updated* -See bellow-


these are the official HD screenshots of the T95/Chieftain:

Guys… stop… guys please calm down. This is not a Chieftain Mk.6!

*Also, about the discussion whether this is a new tank, not even the Russian sources are sure about it so I went to seek confirmation from my sources and indeed this is a new vehicle and a tier 10 (as it looks to be). Currently this is what the Devs created:

  • Chieftain Mk. 6 (Tier 10 HT: Chieftain hull, Chieftain turret & gun)
  • Chieftain / T95 (Tier 8 MT: Chieftain hull, T95 turret & gun)
  • T95 / Chieftain (Tier 10 MT: T95 hull, Chieftain turret & gun)

The one you see in these screenshots is the last one in the list.


More info:

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T95/Chieftain HD Screenshots

62 thoughts on “T95/Chieftain HD Screenshots

    1. wheeledtank says:

      It is called 90mm T208 (Rifled) (Guess there is/it is a Smoothbore version/gun). By game standards, it seems to be similar to the Pershing’s T15E2 90mm gun, except with slightly more pen and accuracy in exchange of a little firerate and stability

      1. Anonymous says:

        That is only valid for the Chieftain/T95 (T95 turret) the T8 the T10 have the british 120 mm gun.

  1. Anonymous says:

    wtf are they’re doing? from it was first a T95 turret on chieftain hull, but now its opposite, make up your mind Wargaming…. scared of that 90mm T208 ‘smooth bore’ cannon? re-naming It ‘rifled’?

    1. Phentarus says:

      Then join a clan and work you ass during campaing to get one. Too lazy for that? Then you dont deserve any reward tanks.

      1. ステトガイ says:

        Its not that people are too lazy for that its just the fact that they are limiting the amount of tanks given out to a select amount of people who happen to be part of a clan that is actually good enough, which a vast majority of clans aren’t. Whilst mission tanks are at least able to be earned by everyone.

      2. Anonymous says:

        yea like its that easy.
        only so many to go round and top clans have 1/2 of them sown up from the start not to mention rigged battles in campaigns.

      3. pixywing says:

        So glad they are rewarding only 2,000 of them using fame points. 5.5 million players on server only 0.036% of players can get it. Sure much be nice be the 1% of the 1%.

      4. LevelZer0 says:

        … and if you do have a job, where you can`t play CW all the time? Like different shifts?
        you #@%&

      5. pixywing says:

        According the first half of 2015 NA server had 7.4 million players so by now that’s probably close to 8 million (probably is a lot more than this) thus less than 0.025% of players could possibly get it.

      6. Tiger says:

        Some of us are working in the evening and/or have family commitments. CW is not always an option.

      7. Phentarus says:

        And you r telling me that the reward tanks for personal missions arent limited? Because it feels like they are – by players ability to complete the missions, so called ‘skill’, as well as investment of time required to do that.

        We could use some numbers here comparing how many players have cw reward tanks with ones that have obj260 or at least t55a. I can bet that they are in favour of cw rewards

        Just like in mythical real life, you get what you can afford, and everything is limited one way or another. And when you want more, you have have to work for it.

      1. Calvin says:

        Maybe change servers? So if you don’t work in the afternoon you can still have Clan wars? WGing wants people to be in clans and doing Clan wars that’s why they put so much money into it.

      2. pixywing says:

        You can’t change servers on WoT and I’m not making a new account when I have 7 tier 10s already.

  2. Philippopoulos says:

    Wait what..? All this time on every website it was a chieftain hull with some sort of (apparently) T95 turret.. Even tanks.gg gave that setup. But now they switched the 2 around? Giving it a T95 Hull and Chieftain turret?!

    1. pixywing says:

      Wouldn’t be so bad if that handed them out to say the top 33% of clans (heck even make it 50% and get people involved with clan wars) and not give away only 2000 on the NA server which has 7.4 million players in early 2015 and is probably 9+ million although using 8 million that still only lets 0.025% of the server get the tank, well many players are inactive that still is way to low. What if 75% of accounts are inactive (super high esitmate, but using it to show how absurd this is) that still only brings the percent that people can own it to 0.1% which is 1/1000 players can own it although this figure in reality would be closer to 1/4000 among active players on the NA server.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just to be extra clear, T95/Chieftain is a different vehicle from the Chieftain Mk. 6. The prior will be a rewards tank, most likely, and the latter will be a tier 10 normal heavy.

  4. marianr87 says:

    WTF? Like somebody pointed above, it was initially a Chieftain hull with a T95 Turret and now it’s a T95 hull with a Chieftain turret.


    I mean if these would have been interchangeable sure they could have had 4 different vehicles out of the same components, but this one makes no sense.
    Why would the british get the American hull instead of the Chieftain’s. This configuration would make sense as the American version of this interoperability but then it would need another name.

  5. SlayerBR says:

    well congrats to the top 0.036% of players of clans that have enought time to train and beat all the rest of the noob clans, cause they already won that tank, WG could simply deliver 2000 tanks to the best clans instead of making a pointless event to give they lol =P

  6. Diogo says:

    Its kind of sad that most of the players wont even see those tanks… Im an active player since 3 years ago… I got the marathon tanks… IS6, SP, WZ 111, FV4202… I got the personal mission tanks including the 260 ( didnt get the T22, missions were too hard for me)… But never got a single CW reward tank… between my job and my 2 kids i just dont have the time to play CW, even tough i was in clans that got the tank… I think that those of us who cant be at the prime time for cw should be given the chance to get those tanks trough marathons or whatever… Do u know if that was ever sugested Rita?

    1. SlayerBR says:

      got agree with diogo, making these CW tanks rewards for personal missions or something like that would be the most fair to players with skills that don’t have A- a good clan, or B- time to compete in CWs, since if they are rewarding ppl for being skilled in CW, they could do the same with personal missions too

    1. pixywing says:

      Not quite sure how you would rig this. You still have to win a lot of land, so why would people just let you win and make it so they can’t get the tank.

      The only “rigging” that could occur would be clans agreeing not to attack each-other although this is democracy and apart of clan wars. If you have enough land to get the tank why would you want to fight clans you didn’t have to.

  7. exocet6951 says:

    This edited post further demonstrates how annoying this blog’s comment section is.
    One mention of “Chieftain” and it’s riot.

  8. so confusing so many premiums all look like the normal tanks almost, but not, the normal in-game tanks ‘evolve’ into Premiums almost over-night ~ will go lie down a bit my head hurts trying to keep up

    Grinding a Tank tech tree soon be a thing of the past just go buy the equivalent premiums and just play those instead – pay to play in World of Premium Tanks

    1. pixywing says:

      I’m surprised Wargaming haven’t had it set so you could buy a tier 8 premium and have it go onto a normal line and thus buy a super pershing and start grinding out a patton. As this would sell a lot of premiums as you could skip tech trees although they might lose money from free exp conversion although I doubt many people do this as its a dollar per 5500 exp that you still have to grind and would cost you ~$50 (depends on what tier 10) just to free exp a tier 10 or ~$55 if you just unlocked a tier 9.

  9. ukmj says:

    Well that’s now both halves of the Chieftain. Going to put a bet on that we see this on the EU Server before we see the Chieftain proper. But as what reward one wonders? WG are doing this shit just to piss us off. Well fuck you WG me and my money left months ago. Give us the Chieftain as a grind able tier X and I just may come back, but the longer WG leave it the less likely that’s going to to be.

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