‘Tank Aces’ Investigation Update

Straight from the RU portal, a quick update on the investigation into the results of the Tank Aces event:

Thorough checks in this category found evidence of foul play by the three players, who took the first three places. As a result, all three of them are excluded from the list of winners, as well as the following sanctions will be applied to them.

The account Player patriarh177 , which originally occupied the first place in this category will be banned permanently for violation of paragraph 2.1.2 of the Game .

Accounts _KpyTuk and B_U_JL_E_3 , will be blocked for 7 days for violation of paragraph 4.3.5 of the User Agreement andparagraph 1.19 of the Rules of the game , respectively.

The winners of this award are announced players, who previously held the 4 th, 5 th and 6 th place, namely:

  1. DemaKput
  3. EviL_GrannY

71 players have been banned. 58 in various Top 10 list for various vehicles.

In addition, 26 accounts have been banned permenantly for fixing battles.


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‘Tank Aces’ Investigation Update

26 thoughts on “‘Tank Aces’ Investigation Update

  1. wolvenworks says:

    ouch a permaban. but knowing these hackers they’ll prolly just make new acc and re-hack….wouldn’t IP ban be more effective?

    1. septfox says:

      Not hackers…fixers. Basically coordinated games between friendly clans to rack up as much experience for a single player as possible, usually late at night when they can easily break the matchmaker so it’s highly likely to plop all the participants into one game.

      IP banning isn’t nearly as effective as you’d think, unless you risk collateral damage and ban entire address ranges. Besides, they want the cheaters to make new accounts and dump money into the game getting back to tier 10.

      1. sturmi0545 says:

        WG wanting new accounts to be created seems legit. They must have gotten bored already from creating all those 0-battles-accounts to achieve their “90mio subscribers”. Soviet doping all over again…

        Just look at WG’s Neilloss with his 66 or 7 dead “re-roll accounts” XD

      2. wolvenworks says:

        oh i know those guys. the No.1 Vietnamese clan in SEA did that back then with their subclan, during a CW event. got everyone pissed off.

    2. OrigamiChik3n says:

      IP ban is lazy and harmful solution.
      1. Since we’re running out of IPV4 addresses, providers tend to use dynamic addressing where it is practical. Banned IP can very easily be given to another completely innocent player.
      2. Cheaters can be spoofing IP addresses.
      3. If cheater is in the network that uses single internet IP, all other users in said network will get banned as well.
      3.1 Family. If cheater’s brother/father/mother/granny/dog is playing WoT via the same internet access or even the same computer they will get banned for no reason as well.

  2. pixywing says:

    So the guy who potentially would have gotten second and all those prizes merely gets a 1 week ban. Stuff like this merely encourages rigging/fixing, should have permabanned almost all of them.

    1. I’m feeling pretty encouraged to rig for a month long event and get my account banned for 1 week with nothing to gain. Then I could try again for the next event and get perma banned due to wargaming’s one warning policy. It’s a win win.

      1. pixywing says:

        That’s only if you got caught. The T-22 rigging was worse rig your way to the most OP tier 10 in the game you need for CW only to get a 1 week ban 5 or so days later and keep the tank.

      2. I see you’re a gambling man, I too play russian roulette because there’s only a 17% chance I will kill myself and a 83% chance I’ll look as cool as one direction. And the T-22 rig was bad when it was OP but now if you drive the T-22 you can’t damage the game’s ecosystem anymore so was it a bad rig? Honstly it’s more of a collector’s prize and maybe that’s bad because it is average and for some reason it is all anyone plays in clan wars? The rest of your comment, I have no idea what you’re really saying but you can’t get the T-22 anymore, been that way for almost a year. Don’t know how a 1 week ban can end in 5 days and you get a tank for it but um… Yeah, I’m really really confused, sorry dude.

    2. That would create even more inconsistency in WG’s handling of said policy and that already is way too rampant. Better they stick to doing the same for everyone and no special or different treatment.

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