‘Tank Aces’ Investigation Update

Straight from the RU portal, a quick update on the investigation into the results of the Tank Aces event:

Thorough checks in this category found evidence of foul play by the three players, who took the first three places. As a result, all three of them are excluded from the list of winners, as well as the following sanctions will be applied to them.

The account Player patriarh177 , which originally occupied the first place in this category will be banned permanently for violation of paragraph 2.1.2 of the Game .

Accounts _KpyTuk and B_U_JL_E_3 , will be blocked for 7 days for violation of paragraph 4.3.5 of the User Agreement andparagraph 1.19 of the Rules of the game , respectively.

The winners of this award are announced players, who previously held the 4 th, 5 th and 6 th place, namely:

  1. DemaKput
  3. EviL_GrannY

71 players have been banned. 58 in various Top 10 list for various vehicles.

In addition, 26 accounts have been banned permenantly for fixing battles.


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