Tank Cartoon

This was found on the Russian forums and blogs. The only name found for the artist is “ARTobstrel”. Captions translated by Ctacello and Photoshoped by myself.



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Tank Cartoon

10 thoughts on “Tank Cartoon

  1. Shrike58 says:

    WG should offer a daisy as one of their insignia options.

    As for the Swedish TDs I’m looking forward to them less than I was…we’ll see how it goes.

    1. Keke says:

      Well what i have tried them. 8 tier udes could have bit more dpm to
      compensate that totall lack of armor and versatility. It does have
      insane camos and nice top speed but vehicle which is mostly suitable
      hiding and retreating is in wrong nation 😀

      9 tier 103 have bit same problems but boost to dpm could solve
      most of them.

      10 Tier 103b is now quite balanced. It have nice camos, good
      dpm and that armor can still bounce some shells. Not reliably
      but if situation needs you can somehow brawl against meds.
      who cant autopene your armor

  2. VladCelTroll says:

    Today was an awful day for me.

    But hell, this nade my day! 😀
    Instantly forgot of all the bad stuff that happened today. (For some reason, I’m still laughing)

    1. VladCelTroll says:

      More like stronk, superior Russian optic devices who can steal that cloak on kapitalist tenks and place it on theirs. Even after 5 bottles of vodka, Dmitri was able to shoot down 29 Fascist and Kapitalist pig tenks thanks to his superior optics made in the glorious heart of the Motherland. (That’s satire; had to say it, just in case I meet another guy like that one on YT who thought I was serious lol)

  3. david says:


    I’m pretty sure the real S-tank could elevate or kneel both ends at the same time, not sure the in game one can though. Would be interesting.

    o/t – I’ve seen sports cars that could pass under an 18 wheeler. And I’ve known drivers crazy enough to consider it.

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