Tank Chats #30 M3 Grant

And once more Rita’s favorite Grandpa.

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Tank Chats #30 M3 Grant

4 thoughts on “Tank Chats #30 M3 Grant

  1. banjoman150 says:

    So the 183mm gun is doing 1450dmg with HE and HESH ond Sandbox but the Jap heavies do 1400 with premiumrounds i guess? Awefull idea to increase DMG for premiumrounds without any disadvatages. I would have gone for the 1050 dmg the T10 TDs do with their 15m guns and a higher ROF but what do i know …

    1. Anonymous says:

      don’t forget that they have 75mm of pen, which its just going to be a uptiered O-I which is going to be a depth charge thrower, probably doing 300 – 600 dmg?

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