Tank Chats- Light Tank Mark IIA

Good day everyone, Dave Fletcher from the Bovington Tank Museum is back with another Tank Chats

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Tank Chats- Light Tank Mark IIA

15 thoughts on “Tank Chats- Light Tank Mark IIA

  1. thesherbet says:

    I’m assuming the only real reason this isn’t included in WoT is the armament? But surely even then it could well make for a far more interesting tier I than the medium I is currently

    1. Well technically a version of this tank is in the game with the Light Mk VIC as a tier 2 premium and its only good point was that its output was tremendous in 5 seconds with its 15mm besa gun. I personally liked the medium mk 1 as a tier 1 but this would be a killer alternative imo.

      1. thesherbet says:

        Yeah i quite liked the medium I as well but then you have the medium II at tier 2 and it’s nigh identical, at least this way there would be a bit more variety imo.

    2. I loved my VIC until they “improved” it. After the pen buff the hidden shot dispersion nurf meant you could no longer be certain to out dpm soft skin targets anywhere within it’s effective damage range which was it’s forte. I mean I still take it out now and then but it helps when you have a 4 skill crusader crew to put in it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, we already have the Light Tank Mk. VIc in the game, basically the ultimate version of this little tank.

    Plus, The Mk. VIc has a 15mm gun, much more potent than the little 7.7mm on the earlier marks.

  3. The gun is probably on par with the T7 combat car or the VIC light tank at tier II, really it looks comparable to a Pz I or II, maybe a new premium or gift tank after the L60 but I’m hoping a tank like this would be put in a new British heavy tank line because of it’s above average armor and durabillity

    1. zombietropa says:

      Nope, the gun is the Vickers .303 machine gun. Since all the tanks in the game have armour thick enough to stop rifle calibre bullets, you might as drive a rock for all the effect you will have on the game if this introduced.

  4. zombietropa says:

    A great that; “It’s too much work for the guy in the turret, commanding the tank and manning the Vickers.” “Let’s put a third man in, but give him a machine gun so he has something to do as well” *facepalm*

    1. *face palm* Why in the world do you think you’d get to see a video of someone having a heart attack? It’s simply a terrible thing to wish upon another. Please avoid drinking and typing in the future.

    1. zombietropa says:

      It’s part of the horse to horsepower exhibit at the Bovy tank museum, looking at the end of the traditional cavalry units and the transfer to armoured cars and tanks.

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