Tank Chats: Mark IV

*I just covered pretty much everything what was out so far for you and will take the rest of the day off. Today marks one year that I arrived to UK and will be going out to a concert and diner to celebrate the anniversary. Thank you very much everyone -To Readers and Patrons- for your support, it means the world to me.*


there’s a new Tank Chats out and this time subject is the Mark IV:

As small the video intro is, I reached a point that will fast forward just to see if its Fletcher who’s narrating or not. Have to say, the man looks mighty adorable near the Mark IV.


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Tank Chats: Mark IV

21 thoughts on “Tank Chats: Mark IV

  1. spendog8 says:

    I could listen to that man talk tanks all day. enjoy your evening Rita, keep up the good work as usual.

  2. Laserguided says:

    We need this tier 1 British Heavy tank. WG needs to expand heavy tank line to include big tanks from WWI era. So much fun to run over MS-1 in this tank…

      1. Nord_destroyer says:

        Its a french word.
        Im french but I don’t know if the UK “stole” the tip or just use The french word (like we use “tank” insead of “char d’assaut”

        Sorry for my bad english. Im not using GG trad.

  3. Dalroi says:

    You’re in the UK? I assumed you were just visiting there and were still mainly based in Portugal. Enjoy.

  4. Not usually one to be proud of my country for the small things but knowing someone like Rita has come here, has brought her talent and personality with her and is happy and flourishing is a nice feeling.

  5. angry fela says:

    T-22 medium:
    Traverse speed of the T-22 med. suspension changed from 54 to 40
    Dispersion on the move and hull traverse with the T-22 med. suspension increased by 50%
    Crossing capacity for the T-22 med. suspension decreased by 50%/43%/33%
    Aiming time of the 100mm D-54TS gun for the T-22 med. turret changed from 1.9 s to 2.4 s
    Reload time of the 100mm D-54TS gun for the T-22 med. turret changed from 7.5 s to 8.1 s
    Dispersion on turret traverse of the 100mm D-54TS gun increased by 50%
    Dispersion of the 100mm D-54TS gun changed from 0.33m to 0.38m
    Traverse speed of the T-22 med. turret changed from 48 deg/s to 30 deg/s
    i called that revenge

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