Tank Chats: Mark VIII


David Fletcher is back with another Tank Chats, this time he speaks about the Mark VIII:

Enjoy! 🙂

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Tank Chats: Mark VIII

19 thoughts on “Tank Chats: Mark VIII

  1. getting tired of these mark1-1mil vids. theres barely any difference between each mark…. theres bloody loads of tanks at bovington and they constantly just re-hash this one over and over…. boring. fine its the first tank… whuppie. move on.

    1. Fary Garrington says:

      Actually it’s a nice change. All you ever hear about is WW2 vehicles and rehashing Tiger 131 a billion times. These Mark’s getting coverage is nice… and it’s not rehashing when it’s not the same tank. There are a lot of difference between I and VIII and it’s awesome to see them get covered. We’ve been getting Tiger and Panther too, as well as tons of different vehicles from Chieftain and Challenger.
      Hardly boring at all.

  2. SMGJohn says:

    I wish they drove that fucking tank till it crumbled apart duo to old age on the stage, just to satisfy our eternal greed.

    1. zombietropa says:

      That ‘Grandpa’ is one of the best tank historians, at one of the best tank museums, in the world. He’s been at Bovington for at least three decades, and knows a lot of the machines inside out. He is THE expert on British tank design and development. He doesn’t need a script, he just stands there and spiels out the interesting information.

      You think that they there is somebody better than him? Good luck finding them.

      1. zombietropa says:

        I think that it only has about 20mil of armour

        *checks up reference book*

        NOPE… only has 16 milllimetres at the thickest…

      2. Boaty McBoatface says:

        That would be good fun for arty and derps. Fancy meeting a KV-1 with that?
        I would like more WW1 tanks in WoT but they’d need a tier 0 to put them in.

      3. 16mm armor? It will be a TD then… making its armor “above average”
        Multi turret from wows? As if wot programmers didn’t had enough issues 🙂

        To be serious: it wouldn’t add much to the game.
        Warthunder has such tanks and the small guns are … rubbish trash.
        You shoot some 90mm gun and then another 20mm after – yes, that one will wreck him…

        So only tanks like this would really benefit from it.

        The excuse “its hard to do” or “different code” and all that… dont listen to it.
        Its super easy to do. Students do more complex out of pure boredom.

        Fact is: it wouldn’t add to the game.
        The few tanks that had such turrets, were very old and failed projects.
        They wouldn’t fit anywhere else than tier 1+2, while being big as a ARL44 (wtihout turret).

        You would make your own team lose, so it wouldn’t even qualify as seal clubber.

        My suggestion is, to stick to real problems and wait for the overal rework (if its ever going to happen). [tbh: what made me stopps are the lawn moer sounds… joke engines]

        For my person, didnt log in since half a year and then only to show a friend (didnt start game). Played game its over 1year + now…I enjoy Overwatch a great deal right now.

        End of the year you might can try warthunder ships in beta… *shrugs*

        Just dont focus ur self on one game/issue… there is so much to see elsewhere

  3. abusemtex says:

    As said before and even though I like David Fletcher very,very much – what is the point of reviewing the more or less same type of tank over and over again?
    With all the material they have at Bovington he could do a tank chat every two days and still be able to do it over years.

  4. Kyros says:

    Rita when you will bother about the fact that 9.15.1 brought a fatal bug into the game. Most players are calling it Lag, but during this Lag the FPS are dropping fron 125 to 10-21. It shows 10-21 FPS but the game completly freezes for some secs. WG EU is actively deleting posts about this bug so no one will know. I asked about 10 players that had this ‘Lags’ to tell me the FPS during this Lags and all said the same, it drops hard and can be even seen in the replays.

  5. MOTHER'S LOLL says:

    Great Video. Now I know where the little tanks are from after I learned there are female and male tank versions. Thanks for this!!

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