Tank Chats: Matilda II


Tank Chats from The Tank Museum is back with David Wiley, this time he speaks about the Matilda II which is currently receiving an overhaul:

Also today I was asked from a friend from the museum to warn you of this:

“As Tiger 131 was backed out of the Workshops today, unfortunately one of our Premium ticket holders also had to back out of the Premium Experience on Tiger Day this Saturday.
So there is one ticket available for the Premium Experience, for £195.
In order to be fair, anyone interested should send their contact details, including telephone number, to the Tank Museum Facebook Inbox and a name will be randomly picked tomorrow at 12pm…”

Jingles and I will be attending the Tiger day so if any of you wants to have a closer look at the only running Tiger 1 in the world and meet us… *wink*

For more info about the “premium Experience: http://tankmuseum.org/whats-on/bovart53551

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