Tank Chats: Matilda II


Tank Chats from The Tank Museum is back with David Wiley, this time he speaks about the Matilda II which is currently receiving an overhaul:

Also today I was asked from a friend from the museum to warn you of this:

“As Tiger 131 was backed out of the Workshops today, unfortunately one of our Premium ticket holders also had to back out of the Premium Experience on Tiger Day this Saturday.
So there is one ticket available for the Premium Experience, for £195.
In order to be fair, anyone interested should send their contact details, including telephone number, to the Tank Museum Facebook Inbox and a name will be randomly picked tomorrow at 12pm…”

Jingles and I will be attending the Tiger day so if any of you wants to have a closer look at the only running Tiger 1 in the world and meet us… *wink*

For more info about the “premium Experience: http://tankmuseum.org/whats-on/bovart53551

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Tank Chats: Matilda II

16 thoughts on “Tank Chats: Matilda II

  1. Clear_Skies says:

    If I had the money I defenitely would go but.. Sadly I don’t 🙁 Would love to meet you and Jingles someday :\ Maybe at tankfest in a few years.

  2. “the only running Tiger 1 in the world”
    I have always had trouble understanding why such things still exist, we are talking a major event of makind history and to me precisely because of that anything that carries a part of that same history should be preserved

    the case of the Tiger 131 and the Tiger II on the french museum are a good example to follow but I don’t understand why other museums don’t use the original blueprints (well, copies of them) to make the parts needed to make their own “roar” again, of course within their possibilities

    I’m sure it isn’t difficult to aquire the plans to build the original transmission, engine, turret traverse mechanism, etc…. of a Pz.IV Ausf H or Pz.III Ausf M for example, or even a Tiger or Tiger II, and have them made exactly as they would be back in the day

    there are companies who specialize only on making engines (like the british Cosworth) or transmissions and have the thecnical “know how” to make exact copies of the originals, there might even be some metallurgical enterprises, or even some kind if school (like the engineering department of a University or a more technical school), that can cast an entire Tiger II engine or transmission

    this because I think it’s more important to not “let die” those “living” pages of history than worrying about wether they should use a new part exactly the same as the originals or keep the originals even if that means having those machines not working

    1. Uggala says:

      Well, our world is a steaming pile of shit created by the perversion that is captalism (and don’t come to me with communism, same crap, different smell: A handful of people living on the back of thousands), so everything that doesn’t generate lots and lots of profit isnt worth putting money into, and that includes these old tanks, as sad as this is. Custom made parts cost an unbelievable amount of money, especially when you can’t just grab some premade stuff from the shelves and modify it. Restoring a tank to working order will quickly cost several hundred thousand dollars, especially if you have to construct and test a whole “new” engine and/or transmission. And all that for a show once and there which is only interesting to those liking historic vehicles? It will take a lot of years until you get even with the money, if ever, and no bankster will take that risk and lend you money. In terms of available technology, it would be laughable easy. So would be feeding everyone on this world, putting a colony on mars as well as many, many other things….

      1. Hey Rita, have you and Jingles already watched “Lebanon” ? Really good movie of a crew inside a tank fighing in war, it really made me stop and think, so I thought you might like it 🙂 You could watch it this saturday 😛

  3. TDMIllard says:

    “As Tiger 131 was backed out of the workshop” Good, they didn’t mention the pressure washer that nearly got run over by it because I left it in the wrong place…

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