Tank Chats Special- Chieftain

On this episode of Tank Chats, Museum Curator Dave Willy has a little bit of help brushing up on Chieftain facts:


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Tank Chats Special- Chieftain

13 thoughts on “Tank Chats Special- Chieftain

    1. crazytony0 says:

      I fully agree with HMB here, if i wanted to see kids on youtube, i’d search for “charlie bit my finger”

      Tank chats was one off the few good youtube chanels about tanks for me. I hope they go back to what they did best.

  1. HMB says:

    I watch those videos to find out about the tanks in them, if I want to watch kids i’ll hang around a school playground. That could have said so much about the Chieftain instead we get told the hole in the gun is 120mm, yeah excellent video.

    1. Jose says:

      The kid likes tanks and he watches these videos. Now he is actually in one and he gets sh*t on by you. There are more videos and information on the Chieftan, go watch those.

  2. HMB says:

    Shit on by me, ohh dear were you the brat in the vid then? That was just a crap video, having some child in it does not make it good, you carry on virtue signaling and making yourseleves look stupid.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Was I the brat in the video? Great question. A littke common sense would answer your question. I found the video to be great.

      And you carry on crying about something you don’t like.

    2. Jose says:

      A little common sense will answer your question. According to their channel, its not a crap video. I enjoyed it immensly as did many others.

      You can carry on crying and complaining about a video of a 4 year old boy who loves tanks. People like you want to see the world burn.

  3. zac says:

    I do not know .. This is sad… Put the child in the killing machine and record video … This reminds me on some similar creations that are recorded with some other kids in other countries with Kalashnikovs and …

    1. Jose says:

      Grow the fuck up and reply with a proper comment. You just ignore anything I write and push your own agenda. Pathetic.

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