Tank Chats: Tortoise


I’m trying to not sound too excited but The Tank Museum has uploaded a new Tank Chats, David Fletcher is unavailable at the moment, he got hurt recently and the museum didn’t wanted to make us wait so one of the curators, David Wiley (who’s a really nice person to hang out with, as long there are mini sandwiches around to stick in his mouth once he starts talking too much) substituted him, this time they talk about my beloved Tortoise!


Love the footage so much, I’ve already watched it over 5 times! Specially the rotating cupolas! Wargaming should just give the museum a couple more figures and let these men make the videos for them!

Hope you enjoy as much as I did! And thanks to The Tank Museum for this treat!

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Tank Chats: Tortoise

17 thoughts on “Tank Chats: Tortoise

      1. thesherbet says:

        if it was to continue (sorry, enter) service then it’s likely it wouldve seen the 120mm as a modernisation further down the line imo. Although given the solid cast hull it might have been pretty difficult to modify the barrel aperture to allow for the extra ~26mm diameter

  1. warkus says:

    They call a 32pound shell huge, but by this time Sovjet was using 122mm and to an extent high velocity 152mm in form of BL-10, but I’m not sure how much that was used in combat.
    And germanys Jagdtiger, which is more comparable to Tortoise than the ISU’s, had the 128mm gun. Yes I know calibre isn’t everything when it comes to gun effectiveness, the 32pdr might be a very good gun, but i wouldn’t call it huge, considering 122mm fired 55lbs AP rounds, 128mm fired 62lb AP rounds and the 152mm fired a roughly 105lbs AP shell.(couldnt find specific for BL-10 but i’d guess it’s arroudn the same weight)

      1. warkus says:

        Then the later 183mm project must have felt like shooting planets. Though maybe by 1955, when 4005 was built, the normal centurion was packing 105mm? I don’t know centurion history good enought to know when it got the 105mm.

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