Tank Convoy: Operation Market Garden 75

From The Tank Museum Bovington

September 2019 marked the 75th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden, the Operation made famous by the film ‘A Bridge Too Far’. See highlights of the XXX Corps armoured convoy reenactment which took place to commemorate this event. Find out how the Museum’s vehicles fared during the convoy.

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Tank Convoy: Operation Market Garden 75

One thought on “Tank Convoy: Operation Market Garden 75

  1. Tachenk0 says:

    It would be lovely to organize a HUGE, never seen before reenactment event on 2025, having reenactors from whole World comming to Europe, making something like this, but on a European scale. All fighting forces having their representation, going from France to Czech Republic. And the same for all Soviet reenactors, going from Russia to Czech Republic and then meeting Allies somewhere, like they did on Elbe in history and making a HUGE event there, with whole week full of battles, shows and reenactment. It would be a dream to have that happen….and maybe a little bit of nightmare for someone who would have to organize that….but…could it be done? Someone with some more knowledge that would enlighten me on this? It is a ridiculous idea…but it is idea

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