Tank Fest 2017

Good day everyone,

The Tank Museum is already getting its hype maching ready for next years Tank Fest, not surprising considering how quickly tickets sell.

Oh, if only flying to England wasn’t so expensive.

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Tank Fest 2017

11 thoughts on “Tank Fest 2017

  1. Main problem for someone outside the UK is not the flights, but how do you get there. Public transport is almost non existent and it’s about 130 miles away from the nearest airport…

    1. Akina90 says:

      I live just outside London and don’t have a car. And as you have stated there’s no public transport that’s convenient enough to get there.

      p.s. Don’t ask me why I didn’t get a car, I’m just a poor student : (

      1. nhattu1986 says:

        If you can managed to reach Clapham Junction or London waterloo station, from there you can catch the SW train to Wool, and from wool you can travel by foot for 1.5 miles and you are set.
        That what i did when i staying at outskirt of London

  2. Anon again says:

    If you want public transport to the door, then it might be called inconvenient.
    You could get the train from London to Wool station (2.5 hrs).
    Then either 30 min walk from there or a taxi ride.

    So if someone took the effort to fly in to UK, then not sure that this last step should stop someone coming…

  3. alexander959595 says:

    I am from Germany and will pack my ol` Golf II with a large tent and two Friends. We`ll travel from Bonn to the Ferry in Callais, then from Dover to Hunters Moon Camping site (Aprox 10min to Museum) 🙂

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