Tank Mechanic Simulator

Good day everybody,

Slow news day today, but seeing that we love all things tanks here, we have a trailer for a new project coming out next year: Tank Mechanic Simulator.

Cruising around in your SUV in searching possible sights for abandoned wrecks to recover and restore. Bring them back to you’re shop and restore them to their former glory:


“If we can grease tank nipples (yes its a thing!) then I’m already giving a 10/10 GOTY!”                                                                                                                                     -Rita Sobral

So far the expected release date is June 2018.

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Tank Mechanic Simulator

14 thoughts on “Tank Mechanic Simulator

  1. Pedalpowered says:

    I want this to be “My summer car” with tanks. And the end goal to be to destroy a zombie Nazi encampment with your restored tank – while drunk off your nuts on vodka.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So…it’s like world of tanks, with no gameplay, and instead of getting a nice tank instantly for the cost of some credits you just earned to go drive the tank and shoot it….you spend time ditzing with mechanical issues?

    Tell me it’s April 1 somewhere.

    1. roadkill21 says:

      There is more to tanks than pew pew. Some of us are very interested in the mechanics and maintenance of the vehicles as well.

      1. Celtic says:

        roadkill said it. There is more to tanks than just playing them, then making snarky comments about the company. There is a substantial amount of players who would/will be very into this.
        I don’t quite get your original comment either. You’re not being forced to play this. If you want to blow things up, you have WoT. Go. The rest of us will carry on.

  3. they mention you can place the restored tanks on your museum, for that reason I hope they would license «The Tank Museum» and maybe even hire the staff from Bovington to narrate the historical info about the tanks, this would mean that Bovington would get further exposure both as a museum and also from their restoration videos, in fact they could even work with Rita or Jingles to make a few videos when it comes out
    this also means that Bovington would get a few extra bucks to put into their many restoration projects
    I think it would be good for both sides because they (PayWay/Red Dot Games) would get good karma from helping a museum while Bovington would get the all important funds, especially because they could get a few WoT related creators with a decent exposure to reveal such a game to hundreads of thounsands of players

  4. Paul Quinonez says:

    I think someone forgot to carry a one on the system memory requirements on their steam page.

    OS: Windows Vista/7/8
    Processor: Core Quad
    Memory: 4 MB RAM
    Graphics: 512 MB or higher (GeForce 550 or higher)
    DirectX: Version 9.0c

  5. Jabster says:

    Ill finaly be able to see how my magic shells can weave through enemy interiors +do 0dmg.
    Either that or wg are being corrupt

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