Tank Modeling issues in WoT [Compilation]

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Given the fact that we welcome all Modders in RSR’s Discord, we have the occasional conversation about issues and lack of proper detail given to the models in WoT. Although this is not a “1st World problem” for the game, some of these models have been broken for quite a long time, it is unknown whether the modellers are just being careless or are not aware of these so I’ve decided to compile all of the models we could find, with the great help of Milkym4n, to shed some light on the tanks that require tweaking.

If you have found some yourself that are not in this list, please do link it down bellow in the comment section or join us at our Discord, we have a corner especially designed for modding.

Pz.Sfl. IVc

-Found this one last night while live streaming. The MoE is trying to escape from my toaster.

40k KV-2

-Barrel cover recoiling into the mantlet.



-The T92’s tracks and clipping through the mudguards.

Super Pershing

-Missing all Fluid cap textures.


-It’s also missing the linkage to the stabiliser springs.

Milkym4n has even already fixed it himself, its part of a mod:

122mm BL-13-1


-A gun which is used on both the Obj 257 and Obj 705.



-The ropes are connected to the commander’s cupola which is supposed to rotate.


-Smoke Dispensers placed in a way where the shells would hit the burster plates.

Pz. S35


-Missing alpha transparency on the mesh that should cover the headlight. The mesh itself can be seen around the housing.

T-55A, T-62A and Object 430

-Missing their linkage from gun to IR light.

This can also be done given that the T-100 has a working linkage:


Milkym4n has also fixed it himself:

Maybe offer to pay a couple decent bucks to this guy to do what your modders haven’t/can’t?

 M46 Patton, T95 and T28 Prot.

Farfetched perhaps but we have included it nevertheless…


-Fake rubber chevron track segments.

Again, something very easy to fix given that the T28 already has 3D steel chevron tracks:T28

Thank you.

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Tank Modeling issues in WoT [Compilation]

26 thoughts on “Tank Modeling issues in WoT [Compilation]

  1. Figgy says:

    Admittedly I haven’t checked for a little while but the Bishop’s gun clips into the top of the fighting compartment. I don’t imagine it’d have been fixed since then

  2. Dracon says:

    Are we really surprised? Cant have a decent match maker or balanced ammo / armor. You expect model detail? What is this? Giajin? LOL not.

  3. my 13 57 can’t have camo and emblems and inscriptions at the same time, it’s either one or the other only..same issue on a couple other rarer tanks, like whatever that highly UP forgettable refer a friend reward tank is, once said friend buys their first tier x. just a minor issue WG. paid for the camo, tanks don’t get its bonuses in battles…

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Skorpion Gs track grousers when viewed from the front or back are hollow. The contact point on the top of the grouser is there but the front and back of the grouser are missing.

  5. richard Van Den Bor says:

    The AMX 50 Foch has its tracks hanging on top of the roadwheels. It should be the same as the AMX 50 100 and 120. with little guide wheels abobe the road wheels.

  6. Der_Merowinger says:

    There is even more. Just compare the visual diameter of the ARL44 105mm gun to any tank with a gun which has the same diameter.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where i can find milky mod of the superpershing with the working coils? i’ve searched but found nothing… :C really want that thing…

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      I did asked him before publishing but the mod needs to be updated as we speak so it was useless to link it.

  8. There are many MANY errors beside these. There is the missing engine air intake on the RU-251, the wrong size of the E 25, the wrong backside dimensions on the Turán III, and the list goes on and on and on… WG is not really interested in this level of accuracy

  9. Weegee011 says:

    Camouflage applied to the Fury’s gun covers the name on both sides entirely or sometimes just partially, why cant they just have a little section around it that looks like the camo hasn’t been painted over it? (Not an issue on the Rudy or Berlin tanks so should be easy…)

  10. boiba says:

    It’s gonna be time that they fix the coil of the super Pershing. Its since the update they maked it in hd. I even send a ticket to wg about it but still the same.

  11. One that’s always bugged me: The gun mentlet of the 212A clips through the vehicle’s roof. There is no actual hole modeled into the vehicle’s superstructure for the gun and mantlet to poke through, so as the gun moves around the gun housing is simply clipping through the armor.

  12. wolvenworks says:

    enough minor detail hiccups to make a OCD and/or perfectionist mad. about that KV2 though, i think it might be a carryover from the standard KV2, and they didn’t bother to not make the gun recoil in?

  13. erwin0859 says:

    The SU-85’s 122mm sinks into the hull because it’s a SU-85 hull and not a SU-122 hull… WG could fix that by giving the 122mm howitzer the same gun mantlet as for other guns, and a project like this one actually existed, namely the SU-122M (http://www.wardrawings.be/WW2/Images/1-Vehicles(bis)/USSR/Files/6-SPG/SU-122/Photos/SU-122M_Photos-01.td.jpg) and also the SU-122-3 (http://www.wardrawings.be/WW2/Images/1-Vehicles(bis)/USSR/Files/6-SPG/SU-122/Photos/SU-122-3_Photos-01.td.jpg).

    Besides, the 17-pdr gun has… different sizes on several tanks. Just compare the AT-15A, FV201 (A45), AC 4 Sentinel and even TOG II*, there are at least two different sizes of the very same gun. It looks pretty thin on the AT-15A but fairly thick on the FV201 (A45) for example.

  14. Samuel Zelter says:

    The M46 Patton, when equipping the 90mm gun T15E2, shows the same visual model as if it was the 90mm gun M3. The gun is supposed to be almost as long as the hull of the tank, and it’s simply not modelled.

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