Tank Nuts: Episode 6 with Bruce Crompton

Tank Nuts Episode 6 is here! This time as an audio-only podcast, but nevertheless a delight to listen to!



So, turn your game sound down, the volume on your favorite podcast player up, and join Richard “The Challenger” Cutland as he welcomes a new guest to Tank Nuts.

Bruce Crompton is a former British Army Paratrooper and one of the world’s biggest collectors of 20th-century military equipment, vehicles, and memorabilia. He is also the star of the hit UK TV series “Combat Dealers”, in which he goes on the hunt with his highly specialist team for new additions to his collection, learning the unique stories of each item along the way.

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All the previous episodes are also available in one convenient playlist on YouTube! The perfect background entertainment to roll out into battle in-game.

Tank Nuts Episode 6 with Bruce Crompton

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Tank Nuts: Episode 6 with Bruce Crompton

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