Tank Talk: The King Tiger


there is a new episode delivered all the way from Fort Benning , this time Len Dyer talks about ze King Tiger!


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Tank Talk: The King Tiger

17 thoughts on “Tank Talk: The King Tiger

  1. DecoNoir says:

    Short but sweet. If I was that camera operator I’d have recorded ever inch of the interior. You know… For science.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So mudguards had like 5 to max 10 mm, and still WG did not made them as collision model in game..

    And Im bad eng speaker, but 12 inches, he means what, 30cm effective armor ? Cuz I dont get that.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Are you sure ? Cuz he say something else; ” armor protection and especially the intrlocked armor plating on the front, she has equivalent of over 7 inches of armor on the front glacier slope(then about sherman)plus the fact she is also face hardened and with the aid of obliquilty she is pushing more closely 11 to 12 inches of armor equivalent thickness. – that what he said. And still dont get what he mean.

  3. Does anyone else get the impression that this guy is a Germanophile when it comes to their tanks?

    He almost never mentions their bad points (eg on panther no mnetion of the 150km final drive life).

    I definitely prfer David Fletcher’s Tank Chats

  4. I once saw this actual Tiger II close up. In the 90’s there was a nice little museum at Fort Knox, Kentucky called the “George S Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor(sic). I visited it in September ’97 on my first ever full day in the US. Fort Knox is a large military base as well as having a gold bullion storage facility Most of the tanks from that museum have been removed now, but some remain outside in the elements, which is a shame.

    1. RollienCoal says:

      Those tanks at Fort Knox have been moved to the facility that he is now producing these videos, the other tanks left at Knox including the T28/T95 were deemed to expensive to move and had less relevance to the Calvary/ Armor museum that is been constructed in Benning.

    1. Kartoffel says:

      It’s not even a “King Tiger” to begin with. Its a Königstiger, which is the German word for Bengal tiger. Calling it a King tiger is wrong on so many levels, especially for a museum. If anything, they should call it a Tiger II.

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