Tank Talk with Len Dyer: Panzer V “Panther”


Seems like Fort Benning decided to be more frequent with its Tank Talks with Len Dyer, this time he speaks about the Panzer V “Panther”:



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Tank Talk with Len Dyer: Panzer V “Panther”

14 thoughts on “Tank Talk with Len Dyer: Panzer V “Panther”

    1. nicodeimous says:

      But they were trying to make it work 🙂 The panther it’s self actually saw its best reliable use with the French just after the war, they disabled the neutral turn and and improved some of the minor things it had by the end of the war and found it too be a very serviceable tank.

    1. RollienCoal says:

      Definitely worth a visit, spent two years there and although I didn’t enjoy it at the time. I have lots of very fond memories. The armor museum is under construction and will be open in the near future.

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