TankFest 2016 Trailer


this is the trailer for the upcoming and one of the biggest and best annual Tank Events around the world, TankFest:


Have to say, I’m in love with this place… The Tank Museum people have been nothing but great towards me, besides creating and giving me opportunities, they have opened all doors and its literally my second home here in the UK. When I have a free day, you will always find me walking around this place or just chilling near the cafeteria with a fresh Landship.


Jingles and I, in 2 meetings, have given all the advices possible to the Museum and Wargaming to make TankFest a greater event this year, I cant tell you yet, but trust me in this… if any of you is still deciding to whether coming or not I would highly suggest you to come as there is something special happening this year! Also, don’t wait too long, they are predicting tickets to be sold out again.

Hope to see you there. 🙂

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TankFest 2016 Trailer

16 thoughts on “TankFest 2016 Trailer

  1. I really wish I could attend, but have a little family to take care of now 🙂 we just can not fly yet. Maybe in 2 years… If there are give aways from WG and/or TankMuseum, like codes or DVD of the event from running WW2 tanks etc, any chance to obtain them somehow? (For those tank enthusiasts which have to stay home to take care of wife and baby? 🙂 ) really envy you, which you a great time, enjoy!

      1. thanks, really really appreciated! I consider myself gifted already just by the fact that you wanted to give me a code. Make another person happy who is really into AW, I do not have much time to dig into AW on top, prefer to stick with the WG stuff for the moment, particularly because I see that WG started to listen to their fellow gamers again 🙂
        again many thanks Rita, I consider being gifted already, you are very kind!

        I will certainly try to watch any tank fest videos showing up

        cheers 🙂

  2. TDMillard says:

    Looks like I’ll probably be there the whole weekend. Currently going through the process of becoming a volunteer in the workshops down there.

  3. SMGJohn says:

    I want to visit tankfest, if only the “&#%/% plane tickets were not so God damn expensive in Norway.
    I want to film the Tiger in 4k with good audio quality to justify its sexy engine sound.

  4. PzB says:

    Guess who got tickets to the Directors enclosure this year 🙂 🙂 Hoping to be allowed see the reserve collection….

  5. wolvenworks says:

    oh lookie, another tankfest i can’t attend because i’m too poor to afford a ticket, much less accomodation et al.


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